Viewpoint: Say no to Gulf wastewater pollution from Perry

Editor’s Note:  The Foley Cellulose mill, near Perry, Florida, is “a major producer of specialty fibers from predominantly slash pine,” according to Georgia Pacific.  The company says the plant produces specialty and fluff pulp for products like clothing, tires, shampoo, diapers, filters and towels that are sold worldwide.

The company has said it will spend $70 to $100 million on a pipeline that would “transport treated salty effluent and remove it from the fresh-water part of the river to the salted river,” per a Tallahassee Democrat report.

“However, skeptical environmentalists say the pipeline plan will worsen river pollution and create a “black solid blob” at the mouth of the Gulf of Mexico, since the pipeline will discharge two miles from where the river empties into the Gulf. The plant discharges 24 miles upstream,” the Democrat article notes.

by Linda Young/Florida Clean Water Network


On Monday, July 18 at 3:00 p.m., the Wakulla County Commission will host a workshop on the Buckeye/Foley Cellulose pulp mill’s plan to move its massive discharge to the mouth of the Fenholloway River.

Presented by the Florida Clean Water Network and an impressive line up of Wakulla County water quality and marine life experts (Dr. Felicia Coleman, Jack Rudloe, Chad Hansen) and John Taylor, President of the Wakulla Commercial Fishermen’s Assoc., the concerns and consequences of having a 40 million gallons per day (mgd) discharge just 20 miles from Wakulla shores will be fully explored.  Every person in Big Bend area should know what’s coming and speak up while there’s still time to prevent this.

Wakulla County

Wakulla County, Florida

The antiquated Buckeye pulp mill, located in Perry, is now owned by Georgia-Pacific Corp., which is now owned by the fabulously wealthy KOCH BROTHERS.  They brag on their website that this mill makes $1million a day in profit.  This means that we should not let them externalize their pollution at the cost of our natural resources.  The KOCH brothers are plenty rich enough to install the latest pollution prevention technology and avoid dumping 40 to 50 million gallons per day of dioxin-contaminated industrial waste into the northeastern Gulf of Mexico. Which is one of the richest fish nurseries in the northern hemisphere.

Wakulla County is a unique place in Florida and the Southeast.  It’s vast marshes, lakes, springs, rivers, streams and coastal waters are richly alive with wildlife – from octopus to manatee to red fish, clams, shrimp, etc., the list is long and impressive.  We can’t let this outrageous plan to save the KOCH BROTHERS money by moving their pollution to the Gulf, happen.

Come to the workshop at the County Commission Chambers in Crawfordville, learn the facts and find out how you can help us stop this pipe before it gets built.

The Buckeye/Foley Cellulose mill has already created a 10 square mile dead zone in the near shore waters around the Fenholloway River.  What will happen if they move their toxic discharge 26 miles downstream to the very mouth of the river?  One thing we know for sure is that it will dump 8 tons of dioxin contaminated sediment everyday, mixed in their 40+ million gallons of toxic wastewater.

The US Army Corps of Engineers is considering a request from Buckeye/Foley Cellulose for a permit renewal and modification. They want water quality related requirements removed from any new permit.

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