OPINION: Bizarro world of negative campaigns

As I look through my growing collection of campaign mail, I am amused by the inept and ham handed work that comes out of some organizations.

The latest offering by Karen Sindel wreaks of desperation as she tries to portray herself as the “Clear Choice” for the Escambia County Commission Dist. 1 seat.

The piece is a compare and contrast between her and the other two candidates with herself portrayed with a tiny color thumbnail picture that I guess is supposed to be flattering and her opponents in standard black and white.

I suppose that it is up to the voters of District 1 to decide if her resume that seems to include having a communications degree and according to her website, KarenSindel.com, working of a number of boards and being involved with a number of charities is sufficient for the traditionally pro-business Republican stronghold.

The laughs start coming as I strain to understand the difference between “people and organizations that recognize good government” and the “Good ‘ol boys” [sic] that she accuses at least one of her competitors of being beholden to. A quick look at her finance report shows the same usual suspects that seem to always pepper these reports. Although, there were some Democrat activists that were a bit of a surprise to find contributing to a Republican candidate.

The claim to reducing taxes by $4 million seems a little hard to wrap ones head around since any recommendation made by the appointed boards she served on would have to be ratified by the elected commissioners who also took credit for the tax savings.

In the end, I guess from Sindel’s perspective, you should immediately vote for her so that you can replace those “good ‘ol boys” [sic] with her “good ol’ boys”.

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