Citizens for a Just Government endorses Florida Amendment 4 in 2016 Primary

by Citizens for a Just Government

Citizens for a Just Government supports proposed Amendment 4; titled “Solar Devices or Renewable Energy Source Devices; Exemption From Certain Taxation and Assessment;” slated to appear on Florida’s August 30 Primary ballot.

The Amendment would give Florida Legislators the option to exempt solar or renewable energy equipment from Tangible Property Taxes.

Citizens for a Just Government opposes any taxing above and beyond the minimum needed to support the least amount of government necessary.

CJG particularly opposes Florida’s Tangible Property Tax, which penalizes entrepreneurs for the basic activity of operating a business.  Tangible Property Taxes are not levied against profits generated or even gross revenues.  Nor are they levied against individual residents.

Because Tangible Property Taxes specifically assess equipment and other materials used to conduct business; not once, but every year the equipment is in use; they unjustly punish business owners for the basic activity of running a business and constitute an example of government overreach that ultimately interferes with economic growth and free markets.

Amendment 4 would also let Legislators exempt solar equipment from ad valorem property tax assessments.
CJG supports a government that imposes the least constraint on individual, entrepreneurial, and property rights freedoms.  Solar power allows citizens to bypass politically motivated Public Service Commission utility monopoly rate hike approval, thereby reducing government control over individual energy consumption.

CJG thus supports giving Legislators the means to reduce Tangible and other property taxes related to solar power use, as provided for in proposed Amendment 4.

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