Congressional District 1 favors Greg Evers

Florida District 2 Senator Greg Evers hasn’t filed to run for the Panhandle’s soon-to-be-vacated U.S. Congressional seat, but he’s already leading the race, per a recent poll.

Citizens for a Just Government said Evers came out on top of candidates who’ve already filed to run for the U.S. Congressional District 1 seat, according to a study of 436 extremely likely Republican U.S. Congressional District 1 voters conducted March 24 to 25.

Evers beat State Rep. Matt Gaetz by 18 points on the question of “favorability,” the group said.

Compared to current candidates, CFJG said study results placed Evers at the head of the pack, with the following results:

Greg Evers with 23.4%
Matt Gaetz with 13.2%
Brian Frazier with 2.5%
Cris Dosev with 1.5%
Mark Wichern with 1.1%
Undecided with 58.3%

In a direct choice between Evers and Gaetz, Evers led with 25%; followed by 14.9% for Gaetz and 60.1% undecided, CFJG said.

District 1 U.S. House Representative incumbent Jeff Miller (R – Chumuckla) recently announced he won’t run for another term this year.

CFJG’s full study is at:



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