Allegations about Congressman Matt Gaetz’s Causing Concern Among His Base Supporters – Volume 1

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According to a recent Panhandle Politico/Listener Group/Political Matrix poll, an overwhelmingly large majority of likely Republican voters in Florida Congressional District 1 are not happy with the behavior surrounding Congressman Matt Gaetz.  

Since taking office in 2016 Gaetz has strongly connected himself with Trump supporters using the former President’s popularity in the panhandle to bolster his own popularity. In this study, over 81% of those polled strongly supported Donald Trump and his agenda to Make America Great Again.  However, the recently exposed behavior of his loudest support has many thinking twice about their Congressman (Matt Gaetz).  


 First, do you believe President Trump did all he could to Make America Great Again?
Responses: 654Total Overall %
 1. Yes535 81.8%
 2. No119 18.2%

In April, we asked people their opinion of Matt Gaetz with this issue and whether he represented their values.  Then 68% said he DID represent their values.  Also, at the time Gaetz was aggressively denying all charges.  No one believed the charges.  However today, we see that support is wanning with 75.8% saying his behavior does NOT represent their values.

 Now, do you think Congressman Matt Gaetz’s possible indictment for sex-trafficking of a minor, combined with a duel federal investigation for corruption, and obstruction of justice, is a representation of your values?
Responses: 654Total Overall %
 1. Yes158 24.2%
 2. No496 75.8%

One of the more bizarre controversies surrounding Gaetz is the nature of his relationship with Nestor Galban. According to Gaetz, he took in a Cuban national (the minor brother of an ex-girlfriend) as his own to raise.  But there is no legal record of him fostering or adopting the child.  Additionally, during this period Gaetz was continually traveling, first as a leader int the Florida House and then as a Florida Congressman. With questions now surfacing regarding sex trafficking and drug use what used to be a reliable base for Gaetz is now starting to support even more wide-ranging investigations into the behavior of Congressman Gaetz and the environment that Galban was subjected to as a young minor. These and other troubling questions have resulted in 52.3% of traditionally strong Gaetz supporters thinking that an investigation by State Attorney Ginger Madden is warranted.

 Next, should state attorney Ginger Bowden Madden, open an investigation into Congressman Matt Gaetz harboring a teenage Cuban boy in his house for 5 years, without allegedly notifying state authorities, or DCF, for the security and safety of the child? Sending a message that lawmakers should not be allowed to ignore adoption and foster care laws?
Responses: 654Total Overall %
 1. Yes342 52.3%
 2. No312 47.7%


The persons sampled were Florida Republican Congressional District 1 likely voters with a voting score of 100% for the primary and general election cycles. The voters called were those only with landlines and were called using an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system and were called during the hours of 4PM to 8PM on June 21, 2021. The Margin of Error for this study is +/- 3.66% with a confidence level of 95%.  


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