Elections complaint reportedly filed on Gaetz PAC donations

Matt_GaetzPanhandle Politico has received a report that a complaint was mailed today to the Florida Elections Commission regarding Political Action Committee donations related to District 1 Congressional candidate Matt Gaetz’ campaign.

Pensacola resident Clark Yates told Panhandle Politico he filed the complaint.  A copy of the document provided to Panhandle Politico states:

“In August 2015 Economic Freedom Foundation, a state PAC made a $10,000 contribution to North Florida Neighbors a Federal PAC.  On November 2, 2015 the Florida Department of State notified Economic Freedom Foundation of their contribution in violation of FS 106.  On May 26, 2016 Economic Freedom Foundation sends a letter to the state notifying them of the disbandment of the PAC.  The state notifies Economic Freedom Fund on May 26th that the PAC’s final report is due June 10th, 2016.  There are 2 violations.  1.  On June 20th, after the Economic Freedom Foundation was to file the final report they made a transfer to North Florida Neighbors, a Federal PAC, in the amount of $369,008.25 which is currently being spent in a Federal race in support of it’s previous chairman Matt Gaetz in Florida Congressional District 1.  2.  The Economic Freedom Foundation has yet to file it’s final report or waiver as the state requested by June 10th.  This potentially hides donors thus violating Florida campaign finance and transparency laws.”

Panhandle Politico did not immediately seek comment from the Gaetz campaign, but will update the story further after confirmation that the complaint is officially registered with the Elections Commission.


Economic Freedom Foundation Complaint


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  • Someone should inform Mr. Yates that this type of complaint needs to be filed with the Federal Elections Commission. One could certainly argue that the former Speaker of the FL House of Representative – also the son of the former FL Senate Leader – may find leniency, if not dismissal, within his home state for such proceedings.

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