By Greg Fink

pensacola-beach-toll-booth Recently the Panhandle Politico conducted a study of the voters feelings regarding getting rid of the ability to pay their toll, going to Pensacola Beach, by cash.  Overwhelmingly, the citizens stated their angst regarding the issue.

 In a study of 595 voters across the county, 68.82% of the total respondents said they were against the county commissioners’ idea of making all toll payments electronic, thereby not being able to pay their toll by cash or change, as they currently have the option to do now.

 What the Panhandle Politico found even more striking is that of the people against it, when asked if they would consider it if they knew it would decrease traffic jams on the bridge, 70% said they were still against it.

 Finally, when asked if, given the option, would they prefer at least one lane where a cash or coin payment would be allowed, 54% of the total respondents said yes, they would prefer that option.

 The survey was conducted November 13-14, of likely voters who have not missed an election since 2008, according to the records of the Supervisor of Elections office.

 The margin of error for this study is +/- 2%.  As always, we look forward to any comments regarding this recent study.


  • Craig Chapman says:

    I come to the beach about 15-20 times per year. It’s likely to decrease to 3-4 times a year to go fishing on a party boat and no National Park or restaurant visits. I don’t want a sun pass. I’m not giving anyone a credit card number to use to charge me.

  • Thank you very much for the poll.

  • Pattie says:

    This will not help traffic, tourists, or us locals! I have 3 vehicles and I promise I’m not going to keep 3 Sunpasses loaded incase we go to the beach! I’d rather drive on through to Navarre since they actually removed the toll once the bridge was paid!

  • izzy says:

    I will not go to Pensacola beach anymore. I go most weekends. we eat at the restaurants, we shop at the shops, we drink at the bars. we have a yearly pass to ft. pickens. we do not have a surpass because we change up which vehicle we are taking.

    if this goes into effect, we will drive to Navarre or perdido. we will eat, drink and be merry there.

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