Evers-led nonprofit offers to lease Bayview Cross from City – UPDATED

A nonprofit preservation group chaired by State Senator Greg Evers (2010 – 2016) has submitted a formal offer to lease Bayview Cross from the City of Pensacola.

Evers, yesterday, delivered a proposal for The Historical Preservation Society to Mayor Ashton Hayward’s Office.

Under the proposed agreement, the Historical Preservation Society would lease the Cross, the amphitheater behind it, and the four-foot area surrounding both structures for $250 per year.  The group would be responsible for maintenance, taxes and insurance.

The document proposes a 99-year lease, with options for two additional 99-year terms.

“Our company has a very strong desire to protect and preserve our City’s historical monuments, fixtures and history so that our heritage can be learned about and enjoyed for generations to come, and we firmly believe that this arrangement will be in furtherance of that purpose.  Thus, we hope for a positive response from the City on this matter,” Evers said in an attached letter.

Read the proposal here:  Proposal to City to lease Bayview Cross

######UPDATE ######

The offer was submitted as an unsolicited proposal under a new provision to Florida as public private partnership statute that was passed by Senator Evers during his last term in office.  The new statute creates an accelerated procedure for creating public private partnerships without requiring a municipality to first issue an RFP (Request For Proposal). “I never thought for a moment when I was working on the revision to this statute that I would have an opportunity to use it to save a historic monument less than a year after I passed it,” said Evers.


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