Good Law Enforcement or Political Intimidation: What are Your Thoughts?

arrestedBy Greg Fink

Well it has just over 60 hours since the Pensacola political scene has had its latest round of political hoopla.

Yes, the legal procedures were followed and our tax dollars were spent on warrants and investigations revolving around “serious criminal charges” in the political world.

Yep, three yard signs (total value of $15 or three signs according to police reports) were stolen or tampered within the Pensacola City Council District 6 race.

Allegedly the persons involved were two campaign workers for challenger Mark Taylor who is challenging the incumbent and downtown businessman Brian Spencer for the city council seat.

So do you think this is just some person in the Pensacola Police department trying to intimidate those who might be working against the incumbent?

All the details are still coming out on this issue.  This might not be as black and white as it seems on the surface.

I mean, seriously, we do live in a place known for some strange political behavior.

Now I know, you might say that a crime has been done and the local law enforcement authorities are well within their rights to make an arrest.  And that is true.

But, in a mature setting, this could have been handled without arresting powers being exercised.

The truth of the matter is that this alleged incident is a regular occurrence in campaigns all across the nation, and especially here in the Northwest Florida region.

In fact, several of the campaigns I have worked with over the past 15 years have fallen victim to such theft and property destruction.

And oh my, gosh is it aggravating, but we would never pursue arresting anyone over $15 worth of signage.

No, after knowing the political landscape as we do, I want to know your opinion: Good Law Enforcement or Political Intimidation?

And here is just a note from a regular hardworking lower income class person who is greatly concerned for the future of our community. “Please, law enforcement, before you worry about political laws not in your immediate jurisdiction as a whole, please worry about stealing, drug dealing, rape, shootings, murders, assaults, pedophiles, scam artists and all the other crimes destroying the fabric of our great community.”

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