Internal Sheriff’s Office letter details infighting, contract award concerns

morganPanhandle Politico has obtained an internal letter from a former Escambia Sheriff’s Office employee to Sheriff David Morgan that describes employee/supervisor infighting and concerns about Sheriff’s Office Financial Department management.

In the letter, dated February 11, 2013, the then-employee details concerns about:

Animosity between staff and supervisory authority.

Improperly recorded fees owed the Board of Commissioners, “only sent to the Board some of the time.”


Internal controls.

A contract the employee says went to the manager’s mother in law.


A separate, attached note, from Sheriff Morgan, dated February 12, 2013 reads “You, Gerry & I need to discuss this.  We will come to an understanding as to why it was ever allowed to develop.”

Read the letter here: LETTER TO SHERIFF

Escambia Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer Amber Southard did not respond to an email and a phone call asking the following questions:

Did the Sheriff’s Office have a services contract with the CFO’s mother in law, as described in the letter?

Is that contract still active?

Were fees due the BOCC withheld as detailed in the letter?

Can you/CFO respond to the concerns raised in the letter?

Panhandle Politico is printing the letter to encourage public employees to forward concerns about internal government issues they feel are not being adequately addressed.  We respect all requests for anonymity.

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