Keep Remembering 9-11

towersBy Greg Fink

As I know that we all are very busy in everyday lives, but yet, today did you stop to remember what happened this day just 13 years ago.

Wow, yes it really has been 13 years since our soil was attacked by Bin Ladin and his terrorists squad. And where do we stand now.

Since 9-11 we have been involved in numerous terrorist attacks while fighting in war after war that we have not really been aloud to win; and, all the while, we continued losing American lives as well as our sovereignty.

But was it worth it?

Are we safer?

To tell you the truth I think the jury is still out.

Just last night President Obama announced that he will perpetuate the fight with going full steam after the new terrorist on the block ISIS.

Great, I applaud him for that.  I think it is great that they want to go after the terrorists.  But how are they going to do it?  Or is this just more political bravado?

I do think that over the last 13 years we have all stood witness to the right ways and the wrong way to combat terrorism.

Just a hint, for future reference, stop publishing talking points and giving heads up press conferences regarding the toppling of the enemies of the state.

Keep it secret, I don’t mind.  And who knows, maybe just shutting the mouth and putting  a halt to all the grandstanding might just save more lives then not.

At the end of the day, we need to not forget what grave situation put us in this position.  We must not forget those who lost their lives and we must hope the intelligence department will finally find a way to eliminate the continuous terrorist threats we are seeing today.

Keep Remembering 9-11.

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  • Paul Henry says:

    While there will always be various opinions/positions on anything political, one thing we should agree upon is that an action taken in response to something such as the 9/11 attacks should be something that works and is constitutional.

    Here in Florida since 2010 we’ve been witness to something that has not worked and is unconstitutional: the REAL ID act. When congress passed this law in 2005, it had to be hidden in a defense and Tsunami relief bill. The original standalone version could not be enacted. It’s been a problem since day 1.

    What this law does is create a national ID card by “suggesting” states issue driver licenses in a certain way, and then stating if they don’t, then the licenses have to say they are not valid as “federal identification”. To date, this anti-terrorism law has not prevented one terror plot and is now being used to justify things such as immigration and voting, neither of which was the purpose of the law and should be addressed on their own.

    Among the worst provisions of this law- and one no media ever looks at- is the 4th “official purpose”. While people are worrying about getting on planes or into federal buildings (restricting citizen access is unconstitutional under the first amendment), no one talks about the power given to the unelected DHS secretary. The 4th purpose says they can require a national ID card for any purpose. Yes, ANY. Maybe you like the current secretary. What happens in 2-4 years when one you don’t like turns up, and requires a national ID card to do something you do regularly. Will you just sit quietly and accept it, or will you at that point say no, I will not comply. Period.

    Learn more about REAL ID by visiting Floridians Against REAL ID,

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