OPINION: Crime is up and Sheriff is ignoring it

by Henry Crenshaw

July 9, 2016, Saturday, I went to one of our quick food places here in Warrington tonight to get a take out for supper.

Put in my order and drove around to the pick up window and got my cola.

Overheard the young girls inside talking about needing Room Freshener brought to them.

I asked why they needed Room Freshener in their area.

The girl tending my order said they’d just had two cars that were traveling together pull thru for their orders and they were smoking so much pot and
purposely blowing it in the direction of the window that the inside of their area smelled terrible.

When asked if they’d called the sheriff dept she sort of smiled and said, “We have in the past and they tell us they can’t do anything about it.”

I asked why the sheriffs couldn’t do anything.

She said they (deputies) tel them if they don’t see it and smell it they can’t do anything about it.

Bad enough these druggies stink up the restaurant but also they are stoned and out driving on the roads with US.

Crime is DOWN?  I don’t buy that message.

We need a Real Experienced Cop in the Sheriff’s Office, not a Non-Cop poser who puts his face on billboards all over the county.

I’m voting for Ron McNesby to take back OUR County


  • Ed Hidson says:

    I agree 100% that we need a change. I’ve talked to a lot of people that agree as well; however it seems like just as many say they will not vote for McNesby either. They say things like “He’s had his chance.” , or comment on his age. That’s why I’m voting for John Johnson. Not only is he a proven law enforcement professional, but he has been endorsed in writing by well over 100 other law enforcement professionals. There’s not a good reason to not vote for him.

  • Richard White says:

    This article is hilarious…can I write a piece for you ? The biggest drug problem in the County when Ronnie Mac was sheriff was impaired deputies…drunk, whacked on steroids, etc., out Tasing innocent civilians, beating up the homeless. And do you actually expect anybody to believe that his scenario really happened ? And if it did would you really want deputies wasting their time on it ? Priceless. Goes to show the caliber of Ronnie Mac supporters and Morgan detractors. Please, please, please leave it up, I will be referring people to it often…

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