Our Publisher arrested: selective prosecution?

Our Publisher arrested: selective prosecution?

Panhandle Politico Editorial Board
May 17, 2015


Due to the current investigation Greg Fink is under regarding alleged informational flyer disclaimer issues — for which he was arrested on the 12th — he’s not going to say much until the case goes to court.


He will say this: “Why in the hell is my mug shot being passed around local media while two deputies charged with much more serious crimes are allowed to have their mug shots sealed and not released to public view?”


We understand the reasoning behind redacting personal information for law enforcement, but it still raises equal protection issues.


Speaking of equal protection, we’re deeply concerned this incident may be yet another case of selective prosecution by State Attorney Bill Eddins; selectively enforced by Sheriff David Morgan.


Selective prosecution is when authorities charge one particular person with breaking the law while ignoring the same activity by other people. It happens when authorities are “out to get” somebody, oftentimes for political reasons.


Aka Good ‘ol Boy syndrome.


It’s something that happens every day in places like Pakistan and Uganda. And in recent years, West Florida.


Then there’s malicious prosecution…and vindictive prosecution. Those are probably self-explanatory.


Especially for anybody who’s lived around Pensacola for any length of time.


Does the name John Powell ring any bells? Former David Morgan political opponent? Arrested for accepting cash campaign contributions above $50? Which Powell publicly reported on his campaign finance report? Which David Morgan grabbed and used to file a complaint? To Bill Eddins? During the election?


Needless to say, this kind of extremely unethical — and may we just add totally chickenshit — activity by a prosecutor or law enforcement authority; or both acting together; would seriously interfere with the Constitutional rights of the citizen in the crosshairs.


Like the proverbial frog in gradually heating-to-a-boil water, we’re getting into Third World dictator stuff here, folks. We’re getting into fascism territory. People disappearing in the middle of the night. One harassed American at a time.


We hope you’re paying attention.

More to come…

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