Panhandle Politico publisher arrested for flyer

May 13, 2015



PENSACOLA, FL — The publisher of an online political blog critical of Pensacola’s Sheriff and State Attorney has been investigated and arrested by those authorities for leaving a disclaimer off an election mailout.


Greg Fink, Publisher of the Panhandle Politico, turned himself in Tuesday.


He was charged with omitting a “paid and approved by” statement identifying the author of the mailout. The alleged disclaimer omission is a First Degree misdemeanor.


“I’ve never heard of anybody in the State of Florida, or America for that matter, ever being arrested for that,” Fink said.


“What’s next, the electric chair for spitting on the sidewalk? Are we living in Stalinist Russia here?  I guess it’s politics as usual in Escambia County Florida.


“I’m having trouble understanding why the District 1 State Attorney is involving itself in a Florida Division of Elections issue to begin with.  It seems like there are better things to spend taxpayer investigative resources on.”


The mailout criticized 2014 Escambia Commission candidate Doug Underhill’s alleged creditor history. During the contentious campaign, Escambia Sheriff David Morgan appeared in uniform supporting Underhill, who won the election.


Fink operates a political consulting company that supported Underhill’s opponent, former Escambia Commissioner Gene Valentino.


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UPDATE:  May 14, 2015, 7:43 a.m.:   Fink said he’s confident that after all the facts are in, he will be fully exonerated.


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  • In an unsurprisingly ostentatious manner, Doug Underhill, once again, starts slinging mud in retaliation to a civil suit filed April 10, 2015 against him for libel and slander. Mr. Underhill’s actions in this case, subverting the proper channels for the campaign violation that has been alleged against Gene Valentino’s campaigner, is paramount to being the little kid that tattles when his feelings get hurt. Only in Mr. Underhill’s case, his political subterfuge with the State Attorney’s office is the vehicle to exact his public retribution.

    For a single misdemeanor offense, the public ridicule Mr. Marcille and Mr. Underhill doled out to an autistic campaign worker with 9 kids, is political bullying at its basest level. Normally, not only would this sort of thing NOT be in the news, it would not be tolerated by officials with a moral compass. Doug Underhill is like that bad ass, spoiled kid in the supermarket who isn’t getting his way, laying out in the floor for attention.

    Pat yourself on the back now, Dougie; your stupid is showing.

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