Politics Over People!

Greg Fink

Greg Fink

By Greg Fink

Just a real quick questions, why in the world were the elected members of the ECUA board (the local water board for those reading this story living out of the Escambia County region) so worried about the Primary Election of a District 2 County Commissioner race?

Was it because they were afraid of the efforts of incumbent Commissioner Gene Valentino and his desire for consolidating utility services back into county government?

Now of course, these three board member are surely smart enough to know that it literally takes an Act of Congress (the Florida equivalent) to even have a possibility of this being done. Yet they still felt compelled to work toward his defeat in the campaign.

And what, might I ask you, would be the main reason? Do you think they were afraid of losing their jobs? Were they unwilling or unable to actually discuss their difference of opinions on their management of the ECUA?

I am assuming that the ECUA board members were placing Politics over People.

There truly is no other way to look at it.

After talking to several political old timers in the community, as well as abroad, I found I had not talked to anyone who had seen the elected officials of another independent structure of government work so hard, if at all, to unseat another elected official on another board that actually had nothing to do with their own operations.

Valentino was trying to have a discussion about, in his opinion, ways to save the rate-payers money while enhancing services.

But I guess this dialogue made them fear their possible terminations of elected employment rather than focusing on creating greater economic development opportunities and a cleaner and safer community for our children’s future.

Folks, there is something truly wrong here with this picture.

By the way, the members of the board who endorsed Valentino’s opponent were Lois Benson, Vickie Campbell and Dale Perkins.

There will be more to come out about this scenario in the next few weeks

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