Populism Trumps politicians – but don’t count them out yet

With President-elect Donald Trump’s win last night, America gave our political leech class their walking papers, at least at the Executive level.

But don’t worry, there are plenty of leeches left in Congress.  They’re in no danger of extinction.

Politicians from both parties have been progressively draining America to benefit themselves and their donor-class masters for quite some time.  They’ve built a strong support system.  And many of them, along with some brand new rubber-stampers-in-training, were returned to office last night.

And now they have 3 branches of government ostensibly in agreement on upcoming lawmaking.  This all but guarantees the stealing will continue apace.  Expect the media to assist per usual.

Obamacare’s perpetual insurance industry Christmas at the expense of middle class ratepayers is the most egregious example in recent history of organized political class stealing.  But many more have been lurking beneath the surface for years, awaiting the right mix of elected sleazebags to officially make them law.

Some decidedly unpopulist measures we can look forward to surfacing from the swamp in coming years include:

Social Security Privatization:  Republicans and Democrats on the take have long wanted to privatize Social Security to help their Wall St. donors generate easy profits on trade fees.  America’s stock market’s already based on air – if privatization happens, how will a pretend market and exorbitant “fees” eat into benefit payments?

Health policy that emphasizes “competition” over patients:  Trump says he’ll sign an Obamacare repeal.  Will that have any effect Obamacare-inflated health insurance policy, copay and deductible costs – or will they become the new zero base?  And how will it possibly reduce the actual costs of health care, which are set by hospitals based on their own revenue goals.  Do matters of life and death like health care even conform to “market” logic?  If your kid has leukemia, do you “shop around” for the best deal like you did with your car?

Medicare Privatization:  see above, but with earlier death rates for seniors.

The same tax cuts strategy that helped push America’s debt towards the $20 trillion mark under President G.W. Bush:  how will tax cuts, mostly for the very rich, suddenly find a way reduce U.S. debt (not to mention the deficit) and put money into consumers’ pockets to restart the economy?  To date they’ve done little other than encourage corporations to repurchase their own stock, artificially inflating the market; and drive up prices on luxury goods (like designer handbags).

More banking deregulation:  because the 2008 bailouts didn’t get everything the first time.

Parks and public lands privatization:  so much potential profit…just sitting there wasted on campers and hikers when it could be fracked dry of natural gas and microscopic gold particles.

Schools privatization:  ditto parks privatization, with the added benefit of the possibility of noisily interfering with curriculum and ensuring specialized stealing at the local “academy” level.

End Net Neutrality:  this would establish Internet monopolies and end free universal access.

President-elect Trump says he’ll renegotiate NAFTA and kill other “free trade” agreements; protect Second Amendment rights; end illegal immigration; and penalize companies who build overseas and sell here.  Those items would go a long way towards reducing our massive debt and ameliorating the damage wrought by our shining political class in recent years.

But there are still plenty of ways they can suck our middle class dry.

The Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders campaigns inspired Americans to sit up and pay attention.  Let’s hope we don’t get distracted again in coming years.  The swamp’s still riddled with leeches.

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