Ryancare exposes common interests pulling Republican & Democrat puppet strings

By Deborah Nelson

The Obamacare-replacement debacle has exposed a dirty little secret Congressional Republicans and Democrats habitually put a great deal of time and energy into concealing under noisy wedge issue distractions like gay bathrooms, the Flat Tax, Benghazi (hint:  it was incompetence, not conspiracy) and Russian “hacking” activities.

Specifically, the fact that the same faceless bunch are pulling the puppet strings on both sides.

Republicans have been railing against Obamacare’s wasteful subsidies and atrocious “individual mandate” since its inception. 

Now, they’re in the embarrassing position of having to find a “substitute” that doesn’t cut into the perpetual Christmas Obamacare provides insurance industry lords and masters who have donated as generously to them as they have to Democrat lawmakers.

House Speaker Paul Ryan appears poised to push a “substitute” that looks a whole lot like the original mess.  And like the original, gives insurance companies free, government-policed rein to extract every last dime from the middle-class ratepayers who will be subsidizing everybody else; via inflated premiums, copays and deductibles.

In an ironic nod to then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s comment about Obamacare’s Byzantine negotiations; it looks like Ryancare will also have to be “passed so we can see what’s in it.”

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) told Breitbart News that “Ryancare” retains Obamacare’s worst provisions; the very ones to which Republicans have been objecting all these years; albeit with new labels.

They include:

*Potentially bottomless middle-class borne subsidies for low-income policies, now called “tax credits.”

*A “Cadillac tax” on “really good” (i.e. standard) insurance policies.

*An “individual mandate” penalty for people who don’t buy health insurance, which under Ryancare goes directly to insurance companies, rather than the government.

*Insurance company “reinsurance” bailout subsidies, also contributed by middle-class people who work for a living.

Paul also told Breitbart illegal aliens may have access to the new program.

Indications are, Ryan doesn’t have the 218 votes it’ll take to pass his repackaged Obamacare bill.  There are 237 Republicans, but at least 40 House Freedom Caucus members are not expected to support it.

So…where might the extra votes come from?

Oh, righhhhhht.  Democrats!

President Trump is talking Ryan’s bill up on twitter.  If Trump “negotiates” a deal that pulls enough Democrats in, the status quo will win.

Or, more precisely, the insurance industry donors who are pulling a whole lot of Republican and Democrat lawmaker strings will reaffirm their government-sponsored lordship over America’s dwindling middle class serfs.

And if it does pass, expect similar “negotiated” takedowns of the middle class on gun rights; free public elementary, middle and high school education; free speech, Medicare and Social Security reimbursement, etc.  The possibilities are endless.

Either way, Panhandle Politico will be keeping a veeeery close eye on one Representative Matt Gaetz’ vote.

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