School Board Race Being Forgotten?

By Greg Fink

With all of the hoopla out there about one controversial political race or another, one race that seems to be flying underneath the radar is the Escambia County School District 3 race where Charlie Nichols is challenging incumbent Linda Moultrie in the November 4th election.

And why is this race not being discussed?

Actually, a better question might be what was there no challengers in school board district’s 1 and 2 this year as well.

I guess everyone is happy with the current status of our school system?

I doubt it, however, I digress.

escambia school district logoIn the District 3 school board we have Nichols, a former educator and administrator in the Escambia County school system, running against the a person who is running for her first re-election in a district where the perception is that the majority of the schools are receiving failing grades, decreased funding, and increased criminal activity.

Now is this mostly her fault?  NO.

Is a great deal of this partly her fault? Yes.

And no, I am not saying it personally, however, responsibility must be taken and the buck truly has to stop somewhere.

Folks, as much as I might like Superintendent Malcolm Thomas on a personal level, as well as several of the school board members I know in very positive manners; SOMETHING HAS TO BE DONE TO FIX THIS MESS.

I mean seriously, this race should be truly the most important local race for the General Election, but yet nothing in the media is being said.

That goes to the next real quick issue of “Selective Media Blackout” regarding local political races.

Why is everyone in the local media afraid to talk about the state of our current education system.  Now granted, if were about sports of a coach, as was with the case with Willie Spears, the public and the media will get all excited.

Why can’t we get excited and enthused about making sure our children can read and write and spell?  Why don’t we talk more about the poor education our children are receiving?

I know that after reading this everyone will start to think that we are just pointing fingers, but we are not.

We just need to be able to have a more visible conversation about finding the solutions.

Our children deserve that.

In full disclosure, the Panhandle Politico plans on interviewing Nichols and Moultrie regarding the election over the next week or two.

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