Trump Victory – The Political Version of Holyfield-Tyson

Boxing fans remember the ‘96 long awaited match between Evander Holyfield and Mike Tyson. The fight was actually billed as “Finally.” It was one of those fights where you may have wanted Holyfield to win, but you just did not think it was going to happen. Fight day turned out quite differently though as Tyson could not adjust to the superior Holyfield and got pounded round after round. A 7th round headbutt resulted in a gash over Tyson’s left eye and after a devastating 10th round, Holyfield finished him off in the 11th. Needless to say, it was a huge upset and Tyson was angry…Sound familiar?

Then came the rematch in ‘97, Holyfield-Tyson II billed as “the Sound and the Fury.” For the most part, it began with more of the same. Holyfield dominating. Tyson unable to stave off attacks. There was even another headbutt this time cutting Tyson’s right eye in the 2nd. Even Tyson knew where this thing was going. He was never going to put it together against the dominating Holyfield so in a 3rd round fit of rage he bit a chunk of Holyfield’s ear off. Tyson’s anger was completely unmanageable. He was beyond furious. After a short delay the referee let the fight continue but then Tyson took a bite of Holyfield’s other ear. The boxing was stopped. Tyson was disqualified and there was utter pandemonium in the ring. Tyson was completely out of control. The first loss to Holyfield made him mad enough but it was clear this repeat was exponentially worse…Starting to ring a bell (pun intended)?

The 2016 Trump victory made Democrats furious. He was not supposed to win and the new political “Sound and the Fury” of 2020 is about to look exactly like Holyfield-Tyson II. When the Democrats lose (and make no mistake, Biden is going to lose) they, the media, and all the anti-Trump flunkies are going to unleash an unbridled rampage of hate and discontent the likes of which never before seen in the political world. Their first loss was maddening but this second will send a shock of anger so intense it will cause a tectonic shift. While the specifics remain to be seen, suffice it to say their response will be the moral-political equivalent of biting Trumps ear off. We thought we saw rage from 2016 but we ain’t seen nothing yet. Prepare for the political version of Holyfield-Tyson II…another Trump victory…It’s gonna be great!

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