Where’s the Money for your Child’s Education?

money-down-the-drainAttention Escambia County Parents and Taxpayers:

Just in case you are curious about where in the hell the monies needed and spent for education are going, we just thought we would let you know that $1.5+ Million in salaries (not including benefits and perks) are being split between 15 educational administrators.

And yep, that $1.5 Million does not include Escambia County Superintendent Malcolm Thomas’ salary of $120,000 as well as his benefit package and numerous allowances.

And all this for what?

Improving education?

Better schools?

Higher morale for teachers?

Higher test scores?

Safer schools?

Greater accountability and oversight?

Increased funding in the classroom?

Increased supplies on a real tangible level?

Sorry folks, the answer to all the proceeding questions is a very loud HELL NO.

And so please educate me.  Educate the community and your stakeholders and the taxpayers to the fact that the administrators are paid so well while the school suffering is so great.

The recent Newport Academy fiasco is just the latest, in a long common knowledge list, of administrative bloops and blunders to plague the Escambia County school administration.

Regarding the school system, I will publicly thank Rick Outzen for pointing out a great deal of the issues going on with the Escambia County School System; however, from here on out, we will be joining him in this fight to find out and expose the truth of why our children continue to get the short stick with regards to their education.

Folks, I have to tell you, it is not personal at all regarding the persons in charge here, however, it is personal to us and our children that they are not being given the tools to continuing the enhancement of our community.

Today I am asking you to join us in the fight for our children and for the future workforce of Escambia County and North West Florida.

Please stay tuned as more information and more details regarding these, and other salaries, will be published at a very near date.

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