Biden Has Support and Crist is Still Leading DeSantis with Florida Likely Voters

Voters Want Local Control of Biden’s Mandates

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Consistent with everything we have been polling for the past year, likely voters trust and want local control of this pandemic while not supporting the intrusive behavior of the state and federal authorities. In a poll of 911 likely Florida voters, we see 63% have a favorable opinion of President Joe Biden’s workforce vaccine/testing mandate he put forth September 9, 2021.  In fact, out of the 63% that favored it, 46% were Extremely Favorable of the move; despite the calls against it from the elected partisan aisle. In fact, the attitudes are so strong we only had 2% say they were undecided on this issue. However, as you will see later in the study, 38% want those measured want it to be handled locally. (Crosstabs on following pages.)

First, what is your opinion of President Biden’s mandate for all workers in companies with at least 100 employees, to be vaccinated, or prove they test negative for Covid, weekly?
Responses: 911Total Overall %
 1. Extremely Favorable419 46.0%
 2. Very Favorable79 8.7%
 3. Favorable76 8.3%
4. unfavorable  103 11.3%
 5. Very Unfavorable 73 8.0%
 6. Extremely Unfavorable143 15.7%
 7. No Opinion18 2.0%

Additionally, we asked them how committed to the mandates they were.  We see that 57.7% are strongly committed to full mandates, rather than partial.  Exactly we see that 57.7% said all, 35.3% said it should be voluntary, 2.4% said Vaccine only and 2.6% said mask mandates only.  (Crosstabs on following pages.)

Next, do you support mask and vaccine mandates with regards to Covid or do you think it should be left up to the individual as a voluntary choice for themselves and their family?
Responses: 911Total Overall %
 1. Supporting All Mandates52657.7% 
 2. Voluntary Choice322 35.3%
 3. Vaccine Mandates Only22 2.4%
 4. Mask Mandates Only24 2.6%
 5. No Opinion17 1.9%

Next, we found out that although the voters strongly support what President Biden is doing, 38% want the actions to be controlled and enforced on a local level while 27.6% say they would like federal control and only 16.6% wanting it to be working through the state agencies. This might play greatly into the overall disdain with the way they perceive Governor DeSantis is handling and managing the Covid 19 situation overall. (Crosstabs on following pages.)

Next, do you think medical mandates in the workforce should be controlled and enforced by local, federally or state government bodies?
Responses: 911Total Overall %
 1. Local346 38.0%
 2. State151 16.6%
 3. Federal251 27.6%
 4. No Opinion163 17.9%

When it comes to the election times, we see Charlie Crist still leading Ron DeSantis by 9%.  Here again, though, it is about getting out the base.  Crist is carrying 77.3% of the Democrat vote while DeSantis is carrying 69.8% of the Republican vote.  In a state where the parties are so close in numbers, especially with likely voters, every vote counts in a more than major manner.  (Crosstabs on following pages.)

Next, if the election for governor was held today, who would you vote for between Charlie Crist and Ron DeSantis?
Responses: 911Total Overall %
 1. Charlie Crist498 54.7%
 2. Ron DeSantis413 45.3%

This is the same for the presidential race.  Last week we did a blind head-to-head as compared to this hypothetical match-up between Biden and DeSantis showing that Biden, with 55.2%, still has a great deal of support in Florida; especially when matched against Ron DeSantis with 44.8%.  Here Biden is picking up 55.2% of the NPA along with 74.2% of the Democrat vote. (Crosstabs on following pages.)

Finally, again for the president’s race, who would you choose between Ron DeSantis and Joe Biden?
Responses: 911Total Overall %
 1. Joe Biden503 55.2%
 2. Ron DeSantis408 44.8%


The persons sampled were Florida likely voters with a voting score of 100% for the primary and general election cycles. The voters called were those only with landlines and were called using an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system and were called during the hours of 1PM to 8PM September 11-12, 2021. The Margin of Error for this study is +/- 3.1% with a confidence level of 95%.  The crosstabs are broken down by Party Affiliation.


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