Election ’20 or Election 2.0?

By Greg Merk

The ‘20 election is more like a next generation operating system. Call it Election 2.0. This year’s Presidential race is shaping up to be more efficient, more advanced, and more capable than any previous election.

Unfortunately, the reference here is corruption and the Democrat Party with its penchant to not only rewrite history but write it before it actually happens. America has seen questionable tactics and outcomes in the past – Adams-Jackson, Hayes-Tilden, Kennedy-Nixon, Bush-Gore, Cole-Franken, et al. But 2016 may have been the most diabolical and conspiratorial. This was the year throughout which the Democrat Party was the party of jubilee, right up to November 8th. In their opinion the election was just a formality. It was as good as over. Hillary Clinton was going to be the next and first woman President. They secured the celebration venue with its massive and symbolic glass ceiling. They had the signs, the posters, the barrels of confetti. Hillary had the curtains picked out (probably just like the ones that disappeared in 2000). The party was 99% sure of victory but they needed to remedy that 1% for total peace of mind. We now know that peace of mind included a deep state conspiracy that was put in place to disrupt, delegitimize, and if need be remove a duly elected President. The plan was a long shot but so was the idea that Donald Trump would actually be the next President.

That was then but this is now. Democrats are clearly nervous. Joe Biden is far from a 99% odds-on favorite which is why we can expect a level of corruption like never before. Democrats and never-Trumpers are not settling for “insurance policies” or “what ifs.” This time it is going to be an all-out assault on our election process with a more advanced, efficient and capable plan to ensure Donald Trump is not reelected. They simply cannot handle another Holyfield-Tyson fight.

We are starting to see the plan unfold. Widespread mail in ballot initiatives are already proving problematic (WSRE Rally 2020, I stated voter fraud was the real threat). Here in Florida, Michael Bloomberg is trying to pay off the debts of felony convicted minorities so they can vote. Democrats are making threats that violent protests will follow a Trump victory. Biden and Harris are even going as far as encouraging those protests. There are fake news stories that President Trump will refuse to leave office if he loses and will try to use the military to enforce his actions. More and more is happening each day that we can see not to mention what we cannot. The Democrats tried to pull off an unimaginable conspiracy in 2016 when they thought they had the election in the bag. One can only imagine the lengths they are taking this time around.

President Trump’s suspicion regarding the integrity of this year’s election is spot on. We are facing a party that demonstrated its willingness to throw an election when they were way ahead in the polls. So, this year we can fully expect them to showcase their most advanced and coordinated efforts yet. Election ‘20 is going to be Election 2.0, and the time to prepare is now.

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