Fake News Not Stopping

By Mike Bates,

The fake news is so fake that they can’t even report historic facts correctly when their falsehoods can help cast Trump in a bad light. They’ve been telling us Donald Trump is the fourth President to not attend the swearing-in ceremony of his successor. That is false. There have actually been fourteen!

Kennedy did not attend Lyndon Johnson’s swearing in ceremony in 1963.

Roosevelt did not attend Harry Truman’s swearing in ceremony in 1945.

And Lincoln did not attend Andrew Johnson’s swearing in ceremony in 1865.

Also absent from their successor’s swearing-in ceremonies were Harrison (1841), Taylor (1850), Garfield (1881), McKinley (1901), and Harding (1923).

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’m sure you’ve noticed the pattern. But among still-alive presidents, Nixon didn’t attend Ford’s on August 9, 1974 (he was airborne enroute to California when Ford recited the oath of office at The White House). Also:

John Adams didn’t attend Thomas Jefferson’s inauguration in 1801.

John Quincy Adams didn’t attend Andrew Jackson’s inauguration in 1829.

Martin Van Buren didn’t attend William Henry Harrison’s inauguration in 1841. Andrew Johnson didn’t attend Ulysses S. Grant’s inauguration in 1869.

Woodrow Wilson didn’t attend Warren G. Harding’s inauguration in 1921.

But that’s SIX still-alive presidents prior to Trump who were not at the inaugurations of their successors. So why is the fake news telling us it was only four?

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