Florida Reaches 1 Million Covid-19 Cases

Florida surpassed one million COVID cases this week. On his WPNN FM103.7 / 790AM radio program today, Mike Bates said the media’s portrayal of that milestone has been deliberately misrepresented because raw numbers are meaningless as evidence of the pandemic’s severity. He says per capita rates are the only fair metric to use.The gist of Bates’ argument is that Florida is the third most populous state in the country, so it would be reasonable that Florida would have the third highest number of COVID cases. But when using the per capita infection rate, Florida ranks 25th. And Florida ranks 16th in deaths per capita – at a rate far below the lockdown states of New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, District of Columbia, Illinois, and Michigan. Details are on today’s episode of The Mike Bates Show which is now archived online as a podcast at www.TheMikeBatesShow.com/podcasts/201205 (segment 3). Bates spent the first two segments explaining why the 2020 hurricane season was not really as bad as the media says it was.

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