The Day Everyone Was Disgraced…

By Greg Merk

As a lifelong conservative and political junkie since my early teens, I have always prided myself on objectivity. I have written much on the dangers of demagoguery and am committed to avoiding the pitfalls of simply falling in line. My “litmus test” is a simple one – look at everything through the lens of my faith in Christ.

Greg Merk, Retired USAF

No doubt, things have been volatile the past few years, and extremely volatile the past few weeks. But unfortunately, the recent events in Washington have brought shame on everyone – left and right. Both sides have been disgraced.

The left has been disgraced by their disgrace toward the right. With their extreme, incendiary language toward Trump supporters they have taken hypocrisy to the stratosphere. For months we have watched cities across America burn, stores looted, lives taken, billions lost, and they act as if none of it ever happened. Our justice system was hijacked by angry mobs while the radical left was either silent or complicit. And throughout it all, we were told the word “thug” was a racist slur. Well, either Joe Biden is a racist or thug is just another word for bad people.

But make no mistake, we were disgraced too. Perhaps not all those who stormed the Capitol were Trump supporters, but there is no denying some, perhaps many, were. Without virtue radicals have used these tactics for centuries across the globe, and for a righteous cause our founders used them to secure our freedom. But they had no place here, and what a tragedy that our reputation has been marred by them. 

This was indeed a sad day for America. The house caught ablaze and no one escaped. It is time to rebuild but if we do not exchange the godless materials of the past five decades for the God-led materials of truth and righteousness our house will once again be fraught with misery and discontent.

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