“2995 counties attacked in all 50 states” “Georgia and Michigan getting bombarded:” Lindell releases 2020 election attack internet “packet” info on all day Thanksgiving “Thank-a-Thon”

My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell is releasing what he recounts are digital data records of Chinese and other foreign internet intrusion into American 2020 elections, all day Thanksgiving.

Thursday morning, Lindell presented tables he says show each time an internet communication affected a vote in the United States. He said IT teams captured every intrusion.

Some 66 percent of intrusions came from China, national intelligence researcher Mary Fanning said on the show. Some also came from Iran, she said.

“There are thousands of pages of the documented intrusion,” she remarked.

The same kind of information was presented to former FBI head James Comey in 2015, per Fanning.

Watch the event at lindelltv.com all day.

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