Biden administration sued to stop forced military vaccinations

America’s Frontline Doctors claims strict legal tests have not been met to force vaccinations on young, healthy Americans

by America’s Frontline Doctors, August 19

DENVER, CO – In an effort to protect the more than 1.8 million members of the United States Armed Forces from being stripped of their legal right to Informed Consent, America’s Frontline Doctors has filed the first lawsuit against the US Department of Defense to stop its planned COVID-19 vaccine mandate. The Declaratory Judgment action was filed by a team of lawyers working with AFLDS on behalf of two named plaintiffs who assert their rights under 10 USC § 1107 are being violated by the Biden Administration over forced vaccinations using an injectable not fully approved by the FDA.

Lawyers for the Plaintiffs filed their Complaint in the Federal District Court of Colorado naming the Department of Defense and the Department of Health and Human Services as defendants in the action.

“The law is clear on this subject. Only upon completion of a rigorous set of prerequisites may the President of the United States alone, waive the Informed Consent requirements under the law and only in very limited and specified instances where a specific mission requires it and consent is otherwise impossible to obtain,” said Todd Callender who is acting as lead legal counsel.

No military or national security circumstance at this time would permit a blanket mandate of military forces. AFLDS notes that the mortality rate for COVID-19 for age groups comprising the vast majority of the military is extremely low.

“There are well documented, primary conclusions drawn from both the medical science and the legal analysis,” states Dale Saran, also a veteran military lawyer who has been successful in a similar case. “It is illegal to skip steps in a lengthy and compulsory process that the President must undertake prior to depriving these individuals of their right to consent.”

Saran says in addition the Administration’s order ignores other safe, approved preventative measures servicemembers can use like Ivermectin and that the mandate entirely ignores natural immunity, for which there is an express exemption from inoculation in the military regulations (see AR 40-562), which has existed for more than a century.

“These are the brave folks our nation counts on to protect us. We need to protect their rights. America’s Frontline Doctors is grateful for the courageous plaintiffs who have traded their anonymity and potentially their careers to stand-up for their fellow service members in all branches of the Military,” states Michael Hamilton, AFLDS Legal Director. AFLDS is defending the rights of our military members at no cost to the Plaintiffs or class of plaintiffs.

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    Running out of time. My son was just denied his Religious Exemption, he has no choice but to take it. What does he do now?

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