Charlie Crist Leads in Democrat Primary by 10%

JUNE 14, 2021

In a recent Political Matrix/Listener Group poll of 660 likely Florida Democrat voters; we see Congressman Charlie Crist leading Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried 40.9% to 30.5% leaving 28.6% undecided.   What is interesting is that in the female vote, Crist has 43.3% while Fried distantly trails with 28.3%.

Additionally, when looking at racial backgrounds; we see, again, Crist gaining 39.6% of the African American vote as opposed to Fried’s 25.8%. 

1. If the democratic primary for governor was held today, who would you vote for between Charlie Crist or Nikki Fried?
Responses: 660Total Overall %
 1. Charlie Crist270 40.9%
 2. Nikki Fried201 30.5%
 3. Undecided189 28.6%

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