Obama’s Iran alliance is a march to war

Obama’s Iran alliance is a march to war


By Jim Root

Shortly after his election in 2008, Mr. Obama began to implement a policy designed to make Iran, which has been our avowed enemy since 1979, the regional police force in the Middle East. Obviously, such a policy – turning a current enemy into an ally – is so incomprehensible that it continues to be kept quiet from everyone.

In early 2009 Iran had one major ally in the area – Syria. Both nations supported the terrorist organizations of Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in Gaza.

Aside from Israel, which had blown up an Iraqi nuclear site and later a Syrian one, the main military counter-weight to Iran was Iraq. When the US invaded Iraq in 2003 following 9-11, we became the dominant military power in the Middle East, even while Iran and Syria supported insurgent and terrorist organizations in Iraq against us. When the Iraq War ended in 2008, Iran generally withdrew.

Meanwhile, US policy toward Iran continued with three major components: 1) Stop Iran from getting a nuke; 2) Isolate Iran’s ability to create regional mayhem primarily via Syria, Hezbollah and Hamas; and 3) punish Iran through economic sanctions until the first two items were resolved. A regime change for both Iran and Syria would have been helpful, but, in the absence of an internal revolution, no plan to externally create that situation was realistically considered.

And that brings us to the curious series of events that have unfolded over the past few years.

In June 2009, nationwide protests broke out in Iran following a disputed election. When the government cracked down, the protests became increasingly disruptive and the situation grew potentially explosive.

Given a marvelous opportunity to give even verbal support to the growing democratic ‘Green Movement’, Mr. Obama essentially backed the government; who eventually crushed the uprising in 2010.

In the spring of 2011, popular protests began in Syria. The government ruthlessly cracked down and an insurgent group called the ‘Free Syrian Army’ emerged. Civil war followed. Mr. Obama dismissed the FSA as amateurs and offered no support. Another opportunity was missed; and by 2014 the FSA was destroyed and the whole area fractured into a variety of extremist Moslem forces.

Meanwhile, the last American troops were pulled out of Iraq; leaving a void filled with corrupt Iraqi officials and Iran, who moved forces into both Iraq and Syria.

In 2013, after Syria used chemical weapons on the rebels, Mr. Obama was caught by a ‘red line’ he had announced a year earlier. He agonized over bombing Syria (which would have stressed his budding alliance with Iran) for weeks until Russia stepped in and gave him a way out.

Finally, we arrived at the multi-national nuclear negotiations with Iran in 2015. That, though, is the cover story.

What the U.S. and Iran are really negotiating is how to lift economic sanctions currently in place against Iran. There can be no real nuclear deal because Iran won’t allow it. The whole thing is a very dangerous charade.

Any policy that causes the death, enslavement and displacement of millions of people is criminal. Any policy that allows an unstable cadre of fanatics who demand our destruction to acquire a nuke is suicidal. The Obama administration’s alliance with Iran is both.


Jim Root, a retired Army Colonel, served 27 years in various regions of the world. He lives in Ft. Walton Beach.

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