“Parents have the right to have their healthy kids in school:” new Florida COVID guidelines say no forced quarantine without symptoms

Governor Ron Desantis announced new COVID guidance for Florida schools, Wednesday, that allow a range of quarantine options for kids who have been exposed to the virus, based on symptoms.

The new rule affirms parents’ authority to decide if children who have been exposed but show no symptoms will attend school or quarantine at home.

Children who show COVID symptoms or test positive must still quarantine for 10 days and show improved symptoms; or have doctor approval to return to school; or have a negative COVID test.

Desantis affirmed the importance of in-person learning, and pointed out that the science supports the new protocols.

“The idea that schools are somehow a big problem when it comes to spread of the virus has been refuted yet again,” he said in a statement.

“Not only is the forced quarantining of healthy children disruptive to a student’s education, but many folks in Florida are not able to work from home. With this rule, we are following a symptom-based approach to quarantining students in Florida.”

“There’s not a single high-quality study that shows that any child has ever benefited from forced quarantining policies, but we have seen demonstrable and considerable harm to children,” newly appointed Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo added.

Desantis appointed Ladapo, who is also a professor at University of Florida’s College of Medicine, Tuesday.

A cardiovascular specialist, Ladapo has been a leading voice for early therapeutic treatment of COVID, including Ivermectin.

The rule allows schools to require face masks, but allows parents to opt children out of the requirement.



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