U.S. COVID vaccine toll: 70 dead per day since Sep 3

Today’s VAERS (Vaccine adverse event reporting system) shows 7,416 deaths and 557,726 injuries, nationwide, from all brands of COVID shots.

That’s an increase from 6,577 deaths and 539,472 injuries as of September 3, as archived at OpenVAERS.

It equates to 70 deaths per day, since Sep 3.

COVID injection deaths constitute 63% of all vaccine deaths recorded by VAERS, ever.

Those numbers are likely to be low, per National Institutes of Health guidance.

“Underreporting is a limitation common to passive surveillance systems, including the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) that monitors the safety of U.S.-licensed vaccines. Nonetheless, previous reports demonstrate substantial case capture for clinically severe adverse events (AEs), including 47% of intussusception cases after rotavirus vaccine, and 68% of vaccine associated paralytic polio after oral polio vaccine,” an NIH publication on VAERS reporting about Guilllain-Barre syndrome notes.

Injuries include 34,227 that required hospitalization and 8,465 permanent disabilities. Per the report, 9,099 were life threatening.

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