United…But for a Moment

By Greg Merk

Everyone who experienced 9/11 can recall exactly where they were and what they were doing. While the details of each story are unique the emotional response by and large was not. We were angry, bewildered, some perhaps afraid, but in all we were united…but for a moment.

As the nation remembers the fallen heroes, this message of unity permeates the news coverage. Great people did great things to save lives and America became united following the attacks of 9/11. But I cannot help but ask the question, to what extent were we united? And was it really an accomplishment to be united following an attack like that?

In light of today’s social climate, the answer to the second question would have to be yes. America is under attack today much the same way it was 19 years ago. Those engaged in the attack may look different with different tactics, but their motive is the same. Destroy everything we stand for – our economy, our influence, our way of life – and yet there is anything but unity today. So, it is clear unity was a significant accomplishment 19 years ago which takes me back to the first question. To what extent were we united?

Conservative thinking is the backdrop of American greatness. Smaller government under the people, not bigger government over the people. Free market capitalism that has delivered the greatest economy the world has ever known. Not socialist utopianism with its lofty promises history has proved impossible to deliver. Goodness, virtue and truth. Not me-ness, now-ness and relativism. These propositions are as true for conservatives today as they were in 2001 and yet we had unity then. Why not today?

Truth is, all that unity was just a façade. Sure, no one liked being attacked, but there was hardly real unity. Within days, if not hours, we were debating why we were attacked. The President and those who love the country pointed to a radical ideology while the blame America first crowd pointed to our mid-east foreign policy. And there was definitely division regarding the appropriate response. Diplomacy, surgical strike, war? It did not take very long for all that “unity” to fade away. It was good for a couple months, tops, but soon enough the left was right back to where they feel most comfortable. Hating America – past, present and future. A true change of heart is lasting. Superficial lip service is not. 

Yet, today we cannot even get the superficial lip service. Biden and the left refuse to condemn those attacking our way of life. Cities are burning and people are getting killed and they are more comfortable defending the protestors and perpetrators than the citizens and businesses being destroyed. The entire Democrat Party has picked a side. They stand with the anarchists and their idea of unity is unconditional surrender. We are to abandon everything we hold near and dear, everything true, everything right. That is the left’s idea unity. Well no thanks, we are not interested. This is a battle of ideas fundamental to America’s survival and we will not give into the left’s version of unity. I never liked all that pollyanna talk anyway, the whole “unity/bipartisan” thing. It is overrated probably because I know it has always been just a façade since light has no fellowship with darkness, nor good with evil.

We will never forget 9/11 or the incredible things Americans did. We must not. That part of American history is vitally important. But make no mistake. America is under attack today and the left has firmly planted its flag on the side of the enemy. If we do not take a stand not only will they destroy what has made all our lives better, they will destroy what has made the world better. It is 9/11. We won’t forget then…and we cannot forget now… Trump2020

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