Another election, another 360: It’s time the Party(s) were over

Republican_Democrat_logo_political_party_politics_government_101713By Deborah Nelson

“It does not matter which way you vote. Either way your planet is doomed. Doomed. Doomed.” — Kang the Alien, disguised as presidential candidate   Bob Dole, The Simpsons, 1996

Democrat v Republican.  It’s the only revenge mechanism voters understand.

It’s not too effective, though, when both parties are stealing from us hand over fist.  We’re all left bailing a sinking ship of state with an election-day sieve that’s leaking our money, resources and futures, fast.

That’s because at the end of the day, it’s the same big money people funneling suitcases full of cash to both parties.  It’s the same hands manipulating puppet strings attached to both parties’ candidates.  We’re stuck in a one-party system available in two flavors.  And as the saying goes, they’re both pistachio.  Pistachio flavored money-generating machines with little interest in thoughtful policy or the general welfare, except as it applies to their increasingly few, elite donors’ best interests.

To make sure we vote the right way, the money people have invested millions in psychology experts to identify exactly where to stick us with the hot button pin.  The one that makes us vote against our own interests in the hopes of squashing people we hate’s interests first.

Concerned about government stealing your hard earned tax dollars and spending them lavishly on salaries, benefits and worthless “consultant” contracts?  Thinking of endorsing the candidate urging government spending curbs?  Wait a second…she’s a gun nut!

Worried about your unemployed kids and grandkids becoming the front line in industry-perpetuated wars with savages half a world away?  Considering voting for the candidate who says spend money on job-creating infrastructure and Americans first?  Hold on – he’s a tree-hugger!

It seems wedge issues have been carefully divided down general ideological lines to ensure people don’t end up crossing party lines and voting the wrong person into power.  Even though polls and studies consistently show that most Americans support the same issues:  the economy and other factors that impact quality of life for themselves, their kids and grandkids.

Unfortunately, most of those people have apparently given in and stopped voting.  Which leaves the nutty fringe who turn out for everything to decide for the rest of us…based on wedge issues the majority aren’t interested in because they’re too busy slogging to a crappy job (or two) to make ends meet.

What do we get when we combine mountains of cash, wedge issue politics and voter apathy with a bought & paid-for media to spread lies & disinformation?  How about the last two decades of election cycles.

Big money party politics are slowly eroding the system.  So far though, we still have a say at the ballot box.  But with the money people controlling candidates & the media and nobody bothering to vote, what’s going to stop the stealing?

Legislation providing all elections be nonpartisan would be a good start.  Everybody who chooses to vote votes in every race.

It would put an end to wedge issue division lines and force each candidate to focus on the majority’s major concerns.  It would relieve candidates from the need to pander to nutty base issues.  It would force the money people to respect points the majority agree on.

How about a real grassroots effort – let’s get rid of political parties.  And “take back” government for ALL of We the People.  It’s time the party(s) were over.


  • Bill says:

    It took us about 230 years to go from King George 3rd, to Emperor Barack 1st. One the way. On the way, we became a first rate world power, and the envey of the world. It has taken us less than 8 years, about 6, to become a 3rd rate nation, under the most incompetent, lying, president ever known in our history, Emperor Barack.. Every time the man, opens his mouth, he is lying, and is incapable of telling the truth. We really do not need to vote anyway, Barack and the 9 members of the Supreme Court will take care of us. Ginsburg will never die, God does not want her. So why vote at all??

  • Mark Clabaugh says:

    You want Ginsburg to last at least 2 more years… just saying.

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