Floridian Politics-Late night fodder.

Floridian Politics-Late night fodder.

Stephen Colbert is just one of the news, talk show, late night comedians having fun with us Floridians again.

Here we go. We should be used to it by now. This time it shouldn’t even sting. After 14 years of being the laughing stock, the butt of late night comedians jokes and water cooler political humor, we haven’t learned a thing.

As bad as fangate is, as stupid as it makes us look having this type of debate about Florida politics, It barley scarps the surface of what is wrong with Florida politics.

We have many things to be embarrassed about, Low voter turnout, gerrymandered districts. That’s just at the state level.

Look down at our local elections and things get much worse. Here is a link to a picture gallery of Florida political scandal.

Here in Escambia county we vividly remember our political follies. They range from mysterious deaths of county commissioners, passing the collard pot, to citizens arrested for stealing signs.

If we want something different, if we want a real change, we have to fight for it. We have to vote for it.

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