Gaetz, the Same Old Song and Dance?

Gaetz-danceFor some, getting elected to Congress is essentially a science. You conduct a few polls, develop some talking points and, if you are someone like 34 year old Matt Gaetz, you take credit for every major legislative initiative in the last ten years even though you have only been a legislature for six years.

Another thing that is important is to be a political outsider. Gaetz’s latest commercial in support of his bid to replace Congressman Jeff Miller begins by proclaiming “Government is rigged against people. You see more and more it doesn’t matter which political party wins an election because the same special interests are still in charge.”

So really, it is hard to see the Gaetz family as anything other than the definition of the establishment.

The commercial seems to imply that Gaetz is some sort of political outsider with a grassroots following that gives him a mandate from the people and not the big money special interests, but how does that jive with the reality? Is this a talking point or is he truly a man of the people?

While I am not aware of an official definition of “political outsider” it really is difficult to see him in that role since his father, State Senator Don Gaetz,  is just finishing a twenty-two year run in florida politics that included ten years in the Florida Senate and a term as Senate President.

So really, it is hard to see the Gaetz family as anything other than the definition of the establishment.

Recent stories have also revealed high profile Gaetz donors and friends getting two of what has turned out to be six exclusive licenses for what promises to be a multibillion dollar medical marijuana business that Gaetz was instrumental in creating. Additionally, large donors in the aviation industry suddenly are seeing the removal an inconvenient requirement for them to actually hire disabled vets to get a multimillion dollar tax break.

I guess that as long as you have the $35,000 contributed by Costa Farms or the $18,000 contributed by aviation industry insiders or the $100,000 worth of support from Harness Oil & Gas, Inc, then you too can help get rid of the “special interests” just like Matt. But, these special interests bear an uncanny resemblance to the people who really support Matt.

So, the question is is this something new, or just the same old song and dance.

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