OPINION: Morgan Above the Law Again?

Do you notice anything wrong about this paid political advertisement? 
This appeared in the Future Farmers of America catalogue for the Northview High School’s Blue Jacket Jamboree in April 2016.

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“Does ANYBODY feel any urgency to remove such a violator from office, not to mention Mr. Eddins, who never investigated or charged Morgan for such a wrong-doing?   Eddins accepted the charges for prosecution against Morgan’s former candidate for Sheriff 4 years ago, Mr. John Powell.  Powell was charged with a misrepresentation of only $100 in a finance report, which was a small oversight managed by unpaid staff.  Here, Morgan’s Chief Deputy, Eric Haines, is managing Morgan’s campaign finances WHILE ON THE JOB as an Escambia County Law Enforcement Officer.    THIS IS MUCH MORE SERIOUS than Morgan trying to eliminate competition by bringing his opponent forward with feckless charges just weeks before his election against Powell, just 4 years ago!  OUR TAXES ARE PAYING FOR MORGAN’S CAMPAIGN!   COME ON! 

The information below came to the Panhandle Politico from a reliable anonymous source within the Sheriff’s Office.  Since your State Attorney is not interested, we thought you should know:

There is more to it than missing a disclaimer, the manner in which the advertisement was placed was illegal as well.


  1. On April 1, 2016 Chief Deputy Eric Haines used his scanned key to enter into the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office at 09:10 AM. This is according to the key log of the sheriff’s office obtained by a public records request.masked email
  2. On April 1, 2016 at 09:26 AM (while still being on property and on duty at the ECSO) Chief Deputy Eric Haines emailed the above illegal political advertisement to a gmail account belonging to the person who put the FFA catalogue together. According to a copy of the email, this message is time stamped.  Additionally, this correspondence came from Chief Deputy Eric Haines’ iPhone.

(Note: due to the fact that the person Eric Haines emailed the artwork to is under the age of 18, their name will not be released in this periodical).

  1. The following images show the tangible proof that yes, Chief Deputy Eric Haines was conducting political activity for his boss, Sheriff David Morgan, on county time. Please see the time sheets below as they clearly connect the dots to the illegal political behavior.

    Haines Time sheet

    Haines Time sheet













Haines Access Granted information

Haines Access Granted information














Haines badge number

Haines badge number


  • Bill says:

    I have said before and this is proof. However, Haines most likely told Morgan what he was doing and had Morgan’s blessing. I found Haines to be the kind of person who will start a rumor just to see how far it goes and thinks it’s funny. In fact he started a rumor about me, when I was the Chief and Morgan believed it. Morgan even sent Haines to verify the rumor….needless to say it went no where

    Haines will do anything or say anything to take out who he thinks is a threat, especially anyone who threatens Morgan. He is Morgan’s clone.

    Escambia’s Voter’s better wake up and vote Morgan out of office. As to this Elections violation. Morgan I’ll not do anything to Haines, maybe give him a verbal counselling. Eddins surely will not pursue any action for fear of offending his buddy Morgan. But, Eddins did not hesitate to go after Valentino’s campaign worker for a similar incident.

  • Kate says:

    Double Track Justice System aka Selective Justice – same illegal action with different outcomes for special interest people versus the Regular Joe.

    Has anyone with the absolute proof made a Complaint to the Supervisor of Elections, State Attorney, Florida Ethics Commission?

    To get any ‘traction’ this would have to be filed Outside of Escambia County.

    My bet is Morgan and Haines get a Hillary on this.

  • Jeffery R Cudd says:

    Why am I not surprised at these revelations…..this has been going on for his entire term as Sheriff. More importantly the selective prosecution of the States Attorney’s office just plain stinks to high heaven and like Washington, they will continue to get away with it until we stand up and demand other wise. We vote them in or we vote them out AND we get what we deserve.

  • Bill says:

    Kate, a number of issues have been taken to all those organizations but at a local level and they like Morgan so everything has been white washed. These incidents should be taken to Tallahassee or Governor. In Escambia, Morgan has a free ride. As long as Morgan’s former boss, Bill Eddins is involved, Morgan does what he wants with no fear of being prosecuted.

  • Kate says:

    Makes me want to pack up the kids and dogs and move someplace else where LAW means to Follow the Letter of the Law and even the slick politicians don’t get a Hillary.
    Governor was meeting in secret with morgan on NAS after the tornadoes so maybe he’s a good buddy too.
    Sad we have this mess to have to deal with in our community.

  • jred is Sick says:

    Morgan is only in this to continue to steal from his employees the ones who serve and protect us daily . You ask how? Well you see the off duty officer at the night club or hospital or apartment complex . Morgan charges those officers to take those jobs so where and officer that barly makes over minimum wage because of the hours he puts in on his salary has to take on these odd jobs to survive . Morgan doesn’t allow them to take the job unless he is paid a spiff . What a freaking losser Please VOTE him out of the state not just office.

  • George says:

    Also, what about Morgan’s new campaign of “Lock your doors, keep what’s yours,” or whatever the slogan is? He’s never done a campaign like that since he’s taken office. Then, suddenly, when the election year comes about, his picture is all over billboards and portable signs in the county with his image and the above slogan. That Really looks like he’s using public funds to further his campaign!

  • County Citizen says:

    $130,000.00 PLUS $$$ is how much of Public Funds through the Law Enforcement TRUST Fund has been spent by morgan on the billboards. His Chief Deputy said morgan could write a check to WCOA AM radio for $1,000,000.00 ONE Million Dollars and it’d be legal as long as the put “Don’t do drugs” at the end of it.
    Now morgan uses a High School publication to advertise for his campaign for sheriff and his Chief Deputy creates that ad On County Time at the Sheriff’s Office and FAILS to include the required disclaimer ‘paid political advertisement’.
    Will the District Atty office pursue this quickly?
    That waits to be seen.
    morgan is a Real HUMDINGER

  • Dee says:

    So over Morgan’s attitude. His attitude is my way or the highway. Thank you for remembering John Russell Powell. Morgan did this 3 weeks for elections. Morgan went straight to Eddins. Double standards for Morgan. I remember Morgan’s comment about this being a humdinger of a case and would make a great movie… The Billingsleys’ murders. These murders were done by a cult. No it was the son/brother of the murdered victims. Morgan always wears his green uniform with his Air Force metals. Why?? Morgan plays dirty. I agree with the billboards so wrong!

  • Jessie says:

    @Dee – It was the Billingsleys’ murders that Morgan stated involved the “Mexican Mafia”.

    It was the triple murder – Voncile Smith, 77; John William Smith, 49; and Richard Thomas Smith, 47 – that Morgan said were a “ritualistic killing” related to witchcraft and connected to the recent blue moon.

    Neither of the incidents were ultimately linked to headline grabbing statements as Morgan suggested.

  • Brandon says:

    What kills me is that not one single lawyer ran against Bill Eddins, this time. He wins by default. WTH?

    Someone needs to file an ethics complaint against both Morgan and Eddins, to the Gov. He dislikes Morgan, anyway. (Although he ain’t a prize catch, himself.)

  • County Citizen says:

    @ Brandon
    Remember after the tornadoes earlier this year Gov. Rick Scott flew into NAS Pensacola and met behind closed doors with Mr. Morgan. There was no Transparent Government word from that meeting.
    Why on federal property?
    Why unannounced to the media or public?
    What was really going on behind those closed doors?

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