What is Sheriff David Morgan hiding?






By Jimmie Staley (http://conjuringjustice.com)

In researching some of the questionable hires made at the Escambia County Sheriff’s Department, it became clear that understanding the Sheriff’s background should be looked at as well. Any good leader is reflective of the people under them, because leadership is based on example. Seeing the state of the current county’s reputation and hijinks, I’m forced to question whether the problem is coming from the top down.

David Morgan is very proud of his shiny medals he received in the Air Force as Major. All this is well and good but does he have practical law enforcement knowledge on the civilian side?

What is verifiable is Mr. Morgan was a private investigator for the majority of his post-military life. The most interesting thing is that he worked for an attorney who was in private practice, at the time, William Eddins. Yes, that Bill Eddins, who is our current State Attorney.  The same Bill Eddins whose “prosecutorial discretion” has raised serious questions about “selective prosecution.  Based on good ol’ boy politics, that is.

The same Bill Eddins who chose to take police abuse cases like the shooting of unarmed Roy Middleton in his own driveway to a gullible, secretive, Grand Jury.  Instead of directly prosecuting the case in an open, publicly accessible courtroom.  Where members of the public could also review the facts.

Was Mr. Eddins Sheriff Morgan’s master many years before today? That frankly is a disturbing prospect.  It seems like the “Good Ole Boy” (GOB) system is at work. This background could be a conflict of interest as they are old friends or maybe old enemies. Either way, their history could taint their working relationship today. Would Eddins do favors for Morgan or vice versa? Or would he hold up prosecuting a bad guy to make Morgan look bad? No matter what their history is, it would be germane to the cases before them.

Also, what about the people who were investigated by Morgan on Eddins’s behalf? Would there be some impropriety there? Could past grudges of the Dynamic Duo affect the things we are seeing in law and justice in Escambia County today? Or could this relationship play a role in the reckless behavior of the Sheriff’s department without repercussion? In order to trust leaders of a community, there has be a transparency. Every other sheriff in the contemporary history, has been open with their background. Constituents need to know the people they elected are not crooks or part of the “GOB” which might victimize anybody in Escambia County or pervert the law of people on the wrong side of this pair. So let’s put this to rest. Mr. Morgan come forth with your past. Let us see who is running the show.  Tell us about your relationship with State Attorney Bill Eddins.


  • James Walter Robinson says:

    That sheriff is crooked as they come. I was locked up for 93 days for a crime I didn’t commit. Locked up 45 days after the crime was comittcom. 45 days after the police saw the video footage from my job showing I was at work, an hour away from the crime scene. I stayed in jail for 93 days and it cost my family nearly 45,000 dollars and my attorney Micheal j griffith throwing so much evidence at them on my behalf before they dropped the charges. My attorney had to do the investigation, the states attorney and the sherriffs office didn’t do anything properly in this case. And I’m a white guy. It’s universally agreed upon around here that Morgan is a rascist, so how do you think a black man without the rescources I had at my disposal would fare in the same situation? I’ll tell you, he’d be screwed. How many other people has this happened to?

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