Adrian Wyllie Visits Pensacola

By Greg Fink

With just at slightly over 30 days left until the general election when Florida voters will have their choice to decide their next Governor.  With that, Libertarian Candidate Adrian Wyllie visited the Pensacola and Ft. Walton Beach community this past Monday.

While polling at 8% statewide, Wyllie is considered a more than serious factor in an already close campaign where Gov. Rick Scott and Fmr. Gov. Charlie Crist are statistically too close to call.

Adrian Wyllie

Adrian Wyllie

This position for Wyllie is giving his race, as well as the Libertarian Party’s position in statewide politics, a new look and a fresh perspective as a more viable party rather than a mere irritant.

While Wyllie was in town, I was fortunate enough to sit down with him about his plans and his vision for Florida.

Panhandle Politico:  While traveling the state, which two issues are you finding the most important with the voters throughout the state?

Wyllie:  Jobs is always number one, but education, by far, is the second most important issue before nearly anything else out there we are seeing on the campaign trail.

Panhandle Politico:  What is your stance on education and the current concern regarding Common Core?

Wyllie:  I think that we definitely have to do away with Common Core.  We need to have a curriculum which is more controlled by the local school board and local school districts rather than big government in Tallahassee.

Panhandle Politico:  Do you think that we should take a look at getting rid of FCAT or try fixing it?

Wyllie:  I do not think that we need to be teaching kids to pass a standardized test rather than a real education.  Yes, I do think some type of standardized testing must be done, however, the manner in which the FCAT is operating is just not working.

Panhandle Politico: With trying to gain more industry in Florida, how do you stand on enhancing incentives for corporations to arrive in our state?

Wyllie:  I would get rid of the incentives that I think are just creating and enhancing cronyism.  I think we can and will develop a economic development environment where businesses such as Airbus would love to have locations and sub contractors in our state.  But, again, we have to do that without offering cash incentives.

Panhandle Politico:  What is your opinion regarding Amendment 2 and the legalization of medical marijuana?

Wyllie:  I am for making 100% of Canabis legal.  I think we need to immediately end the prohibition on marijuana.

Panhandle Politico:  Knowing that tourism is the first industry in Florida, how would you address drilling for oil and natural gas off the shores of Florida?

Wyllie:  I am against it.  I do not think that tourists and visitors to our beautiful beaches and communities want to see rigs and cranes drilling for oil off of their beach.  However, natural gas exploration, if able to be done in a safe manner and well out of view from the shoreline, might be an issue to revisit later.

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