Broxson beats Hill, Ingram in hypothetical Florida Senate race

Rep. Doug Broxson

Rep. Doug Broxson

Florida Rep. Doug Broxson would come out ahead of State Rep. Mike Hill and State Rep. Clay Ingram in a hypothetical Florida Senate race, according to the public interest group Citizens for a Just Government.

Citizens for a Just Government conducted a study Sunday, March 20 on voter preferences in a potential State Senate race between State Rep. Doug Broxson, State Rep. Mike Hill and State Rep. Clay Ingram.  Results indicate Broxson leads possible opponents Hill and Ingram by more than 10 points, CFJG said.

Results have Broxson at 28.77%, Hill at 17.45%, and Ingram at 10.38%; leaving 43.40% undecided.

District 2 survey.001“Key state legislative issues that were shelved this year and may potentially return next year include gaming, fracking, open carry/campus carry and the disposition of BP economic development lawsuit funds.

“CFJG will continue to monitor those and other key issues this election cycle, along with the positions legislative candidates are taking on them,” a CFJG press release said.

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