Local Option Sales Tax has High Support in Duval County

For Immediate Release:

Between August 16-19, 2019, The Listener Group conducted a poll regarding the public’s feeling for the Local Option Sales Tax, to be used for schools, as well as a few other opinions of the local political climate. What we found was 66.6% would vote for the LOST if the election were held today. Additionally, we found that nearly 70% (69.4%) do not think the schools receive enough funding. We also asked the persons opinions on the way this entire situation of placing this issue on a ballot has been handled. Here we found that 57.6% have a problem with this controversial procedural process.
We then conducted a Q-Score regarding three local political figures in Duval government. Not surprisingly, the majority of those surveyed had no idea who they were. The persons polled were Brian Hughes (Mayor’s Chief of Staff), Sam Mousa (recently retired Chief Administrative Officer) and political operative and consultant, Tim Barker. However, what is most interesting is that for those who did know who these individuals were, their negative was much higher than their positives.

Click here to see the survey in full.

Duval Local Option Sales Tax Has Support

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