Taking a Look at Adrian Wyllie

Porcupine[2]By Pete Blome

Just double the amount they need to be in your debate, such as was done to Adrian Wyllie (LPF).  He needs 15% of the vote in totally arbitrary polls to be in a debate with Rick Scott and Charley Crist.    IN 2006 it was only 7%, but Adrian’s already passed that figure.


I’ll bet if he reaches 15%, then the number will be raised to 20% or the criteria made to be who gets the most campaign donations.  Guess who gets the most campaign donations.


That way you make sure there is no competition with the Republicrat Party.


In so many ways, this is where our country is going wrong.  Instead of welcoming open competition, it is “regulated” away.  The big players control the regulatory process, and smaller guys with big ideas never get the chance to undercut them.  Banks do not freely compete, they are price fixed and regulated by their own Federal Reserve.  Insurance doesn’t freely compete, they are controlled by state insurance regulators and Federal Law that gives them monopolies (such as the ACA).  Medicine doesn’t freely compete, they are controlled by a whole range of state law and the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).  Want to build a hospital?  You have to get the permission of the local government and existing hospitals first.  Agriculture doesn’t compete; they have been one of the most heavily subsidized sectors of our economy for 75 years.  Try making a new car company in the USA, or a new Steel company, or a new railroad, or a new power company.  You can’t do it because the field is so heavily subsidized and controlled by existing interests that you would never get a starting chance.  Regulation and subsidies favor the biggest companies because little companies cannot absorb the regulation costs like big ones.  Florida and Federal politicos of both major parties want this to happen to Adrian Wyllie and all third Party competitors.  Just outlawing competition is so blatant and Soviet Union, so they won’t go there.


It didn’t used to be this way.  Then somewhere along the way the American business model became using government to make sure your company always has an edge in the law instead of making a better mousetrap.  The same thing happens in politics.


Competition, just like the rule of law, has become something for little people, in little companies, who fight with each other instead of fighting the powers that dominate their industries by laws that prevent them from competing.  Bakeries can compete.  Car mechanics can compete.  Retail outlets can compete.  Plumbers can compete.  But  JPMorgan makes the laws to rule People’s Home Bank of Niceville in our wonderful “managed” economy.  This is what the Republicans and Democrats have built over 150 years of dancing only with each other.  This costs time, money, and your liberties.  Make no mistake; you pay for this.


And we see it even in elections.




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