Wyllie to be excluded from October 15th Debates

By Pete Blome

Adrian Wyllie, Libertarian candidate for Governor of Florida will be excluded from the televised Gubernatorial debate to be heldWednesday 15 October, at 7 PM (Eastern time), at Broward College.  The debate will be televised on CBS channels.


Adrian Wyllie

Adrian Wyllie

Although the latest Optimus Poll has Wyllie at 13% of the electorate vote and climbing, the sponsors of the debate do not consider him worthy to participate in this important public event.  In 2006 it took only 7% of the vote to be included in such debates.  Adrian Wyllie has blown through that limit, so it was pegged at 15%.  Next time a libertarian runs I bet it will be pegged at 30%.

You are the ones that lose in this rigged game.  You don’t get to see anything but the same old solutions presented by the same old faces proposing to bribe you with your own tax dollars in the same old way.  Things get worse, but your betters have decided you are not to know about all your choices.

Of the two sponsors of the debate, Leadership Florida and the Florida Press Association, the FPA has already shown its prejudice to the Libertarian candidate when they hosted a forum to “educate the public” about the election but included only Republican and Democrat contenders.  That is when Adrian had 9% of the vote. The FPA is the trade organization of all print media in Florida, so when you read a newspaper remember that they don’t just want to report the news, they want to control the news to their own satisfaction.

Write your local station or newspaper and tell them the time has come to an end for their mendacious control of events.  They need to report the news and not participate in filtering out viable opposition because they feel like it.

As career newspaper people, don’t they have any shame?

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