Conservative “patriotism” MIA on cop shootings

flagBy Deborah Nelson

It’s a story that’s become as American as apple pie:  Big Government oppresses citizens going about their private business and gradually erodes Constitutional freedoms in the process…

Cue America’s far-right “Patriotic-er than Thou” crowd to paroxysms of orgasmic outrage.  The screamyface “Town Hall” anger!  The righteous waving of the flag!  Don’t Tread on Me!

Jackbooted Feds are after our gold and our bugout packs!   Time to toss some tea into the harbor!

Or not.

In the wake of recent police shootings of unarmed and often un-resisting American citizens, self-certified (home school PhD!) conservative Constitutional street professors, who can cite chapter and verse on Ruby Ridge, Waco and Cliven Bundy, have been mysteriously silent on their favorite topic of government persecution.

Maybe they grabbed those bugout packs and escaped down a bunker with a lifetime supply of canned beans.  Holed up safe and sound for the next few years poring over random, out-of-context Federalist Paper “facts” like a chimpanzee trying to figure out what a shoe is for.

Or maybe it turns out “Liberty” is a relative term inside the tiny tribal bubble America’s “Take our Country Back” people spend their free time polishing flag pins and waiting to be aggrieved in.

In fact, three recent cop killings that captured national attention have been followed by a seemingly out-of-character conservative frenzy to defend government-sponsored homicide.  These are people who’ve historically devoted endless time and energy pontificating about coming tyranny and the dire need to drown government in the bathtub.

*John Crawford, 22, was talking on a cell phone in an Ohio Wal-Mart and holding an unloaded BB gun he picked up off the store shelf and had pointed at the floor, when Ohio police shot him in the back and killed him.  p.s., Ohio is an open carry state.  No nationwide Tea Party foaming at the mouth.  No grandiose plans to march on Washington.  No screamy-face letters to the editor about the coming FEMA Death Camp Apocalypse.  Lots of newspaper article comments about “waving a gun around in a store” by people who weren’t there, though.

*Eric Garner, 43, died July 17 after Staten Island police literally trod upon him then choked him on the ground as he told them “I can’t breathe.”  Our far-right Freedom experts immediately pronounced the homicide justified, despite videotape evidence to the contrary.  Free market expert and right wing hero Rand Paul went one step further; crawling out from under a rock just long enough to use the tragedy to complain about government cigarette taxes (Garner was selling “loosie” black market cigarettes when police killed him).  America’s conservative Constitutional “originalist” guardians get bonus points on this one for their noisily offended outrage at peaceful protesters exercising their 1st Amendment Freedom of Assembly rights by objecting to the police killing unarmed citizens.

*Tamir Rice, who was TWELVE, was shot by police November 22, as he sat on a Cleveland Recreation Center park bench with a toy gun.   The officer who killed him “one and a half to 2 seconds after arriving at the scene” had been dismissed from a previous police job for performance problems, including being “distracted and weepy” during weapons qualification.  Where are our fine, upstanding Tea Party types and Freedom-shouters on this one?  Where’s the flag waving?  Where are the misspelled-sign intensive local protests?  What about the Constitution?


Compare those three homicides with the three notorious incidents, which ALL involve resisting arrest, mentioned earlier.  Those cases, our Patriotic-er than Thou conservative neighbors will be quick to pontificate, represent government overreach at its worst.

In the 1992 Ruby Ridge incident, government FBI and ATF agents fabricated evidence against Randy Weaver, then stormed his property and killed his 14 year old son and wife.  It was a major impetus for the rise of right wing anti-government movements nationwide.  In this case, the far-right appears to have no trouble understanding it doesn’t bode well for “Freedom” when government forces attack you on the flimsy basis you have lawful firearms in your possession.

Something America’s conservative Patriot crowd evidently isn’t losing sleep over in John Crawford’s (who had no chance to resist arrest before he was gunned down) case.

In the 1993 Branch Davidian siege, FBI, ATF and Texas law enforcement agents blundered a standoff resolution and were at least partially responsible for the deaths of 76 American citizens.  It was a rallying cause for conservative anti-government activists nationwide.  David Koresh, a self-confessed pervert who admitted to molesting numerous children including a 12 year old, was holed up in a group marriage scene of the sort conservatives love to excoriate when it involves Hollywood personalities or hippies.  Koresh and his adherents were resisting arrest for 51 days, but in this case, our flag-waving Constitution PhDs had no trouble understanding that the government’s military-style assault on Koresh, his sheeple followers, and the children who had no choice in being there was not in the best interests of American liberty.

Contrast that to the Tamir Rice incident, where an unarmed child was cut down by police, again with no chance to resist arrest…without a peep from Tea Party Constitutional Rights experts.

To sum up thus far, freedom according to America’s right-wing True Patriots:  child molester rights = A-OK; actual child’s rights = *yawn.*

Then there’s the Cliven Bundy case, where members of the Constitutional Screamers Club took the trouble to camp out on Mr. Bundy’s property to support his claims of government persecution.  Mr. Bundy, who was evidently stealing public grazing resources from the American people (and our flag!) got an automatic Liberty pass during his standoff…at least until he opened his mouth and vomited all sorts of social opinions the far-right would rather people not notice they may be habitually associating themselves with.  p.s. Bundy told armed supporters he didn’t recognize BLM arrest power.

Compare Patriotic-er than Thou knee jerk support for Bundy to the Eric Garner case.  Unarmed Garner verbally objected to arrest before officers tackled, jumped on, subdued and strangled him.  There was a video.  The coroner called it a homicide.  Doesn’t matter.  Our far-right Patriotism experts left red, white & blue skid marks in their haste to defend police actions.

Crazy old man stealing public resources for 20 years and denying government arrest authority:  benefit of the doubt.  American choked to death on camera for objecting to arrest for a few seconds:  screw you.

So, right-wing Guardians of Truth, Justice and the American Way, how come those hallowed Freedoms you’re so anxious to “take back” don’t apply across the board?

Surely it’s nothing personal.  The God-Given Blessings of Liberty are universal, right?   Something about equal protection?

Oh, right, our far-right Freedom screamers would like to repeal the 14th Amendment (equal protection) and the 17th Amendment (the People elect Senators…not state government).  It’s all on the Article V Convention of States website, among others.

But wouldn’t that increase tyranny?

Yes Virginia, but only for a select few.

Some people are “more equal” than others, you see, in far-right bubbleland.  Not everybody deserves “Liberty.”  After all, when everybody has it, it makes those…let’s call them “elect”…few who really appreciate it feel less special.

Tea Party philosopher-kings like to cite “evidence” when educating the rest of us on how Constitutional Freedoms work.

Looking to the evidence, it appears we can conclude far-right “Liberty” is less about absolute individual rights and more about tribal ranking systems where everybody knows their place in the authority chain.

The far right don’t fear authority…they worship it.  But only for themselves and the Big Boss liege-lords they dream of helping control everybody else’s freedom.

Just engage our chimp friend-with-the-shoe on the subject of whether America is a “Republic” or a “Democracy” for in-depth insight into the far-right notion of “Liberty.”

“America’s a Republic, not a Democracy,” Mr. Chimp will inform you.  He thus subverts any scary, uncontrollable ideas about universal rights his particular troop doesn’t feel like sharing in favor of cartel-controlled autocratic diktat.

The possibility that a “Republic” is a form of “Democracy” doesn’t occur to Mr. Chimp because that’s too complicated and confusing.  There’s not enough room in the bubble to accommodate that kind of grey area critical reflection and keep everybody’s relative tribal rank straight.

In the far-right conservative world, that part’s all black and white.


  • Hagrid says:


    You get an A for snarky criticism and an F for effective writing. Your message is jumbled and confused and you provide no real evidence to back up your claims. I can show you well thought out analysis on every issue you site from conservative commentators, who are demonstrably not hysterical, arrogant or stupid as you claim.

    In fact you do exactly what you falsely accuse others of doing. I makes you feel better I imagine, but makes everyone else think you are an emotional person incapable of critical analysis. I would be happy to provide articles and sites to help you write a better article, even if I disagree with your assumptions.

    Regards, Hagrid

  • Deborah says:

    Thank you Hagrid – I’d appreciate any information you have on conservative protests against the cop killings cited in the article. I had no idea that was going on.

    Were any local Tea Party groups involved? Were they protesting the whole government or just the police? Which parts of the Constitution did they cite? Did the police hit them with water cannons? Were there “Don’t Tread on Me” signs or just flags?

    Since my “message” is that conservatives appear to picking and choosing which government abuse of power they want to be outraged by, I look forward to you “proving” me wrong with what I assume will be news coverage of mass conservative marches and/or outraged letters to the editor in support of Americans’ God Given Constitutional Right to Shop at WalMart.

    Feel free to toss a little something from the Federalist Papers in.

    Not sure what I was “falsely accusing others of doing,” but you’re right, I do feel pretty good.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    p.s. in your first paragraph, “cite” is spelled with a “c” in that context.

  • Hagrid says:

    Madame, I am far too old to be moved or baited by insinuations. I have sacrificed too much for this nation to be cowed by histrionics. Surely, the circle of confidants, which encourages you and feeds the ego that prevents adult discussion, is gleeful with your missive. Do you wish to play with the rhetoric? Is that where you exist? Can you not listen? Let us look at my first question to you: where are your citations? Where are your factual examples of what you claim? Emotion is the tool of demagogues and tyrants. It is the plaything of fools. I sense you are more intelligent than that. Do you wish to debate or hurl invectives?
    The Federalist Papers are an important part of our history. It is obvious you have not read them. Parroting others does not bode well for intellectual discussion. Shall I send the link? The constitution is also a wonderful read; you really should spend a few minutes with it. Your words make me suspicious of your education about our foundational institutions and philosophies.
    Is it about feeling good, despite truth or logic? Is that the nihilistic poison that you embrace?

  • Deborah says:

    Thanks Hagrid. Not sure of what “claim” you’re talking about.

    I’m wondering why conservatives like to pick and choose which government persecution to be offended by. Is that “rhetoric?”

    The “factual examples” would be recent conservative support of police killing unarmed citizens versus foaming at the mouth over police attacks against armed and resisting citizens at Ruby Ridge, Waco, Cliven Bundy ranch, etc.

    What’s the differentiating factor there? Is that where the “foundational institutions and philosophies” factor in?

  • Hagrid says:


    I see. Ok, lets discuss your statement; “recent conservative support of police killing unarmed citizens versus foaming at the mouth over police attacks against armed and resisting citizens at Ruby Ridge, Waco, Bundy Ranch etc… and let’s not forget your original comments;
    “In the wake of recent police shootings of unarmed and often un-resisting American citizens, self-certified (home school PhD!) conservative Constitutional street professors, who can cite chapter and verse on Ruby Ridge, Waco and Cliven Bundy, have been mysteriously silent on their favorite topic of government persecution.”
    I know of no conservative that “supported police killings of unarmed civilians.” What I saw and heard were conservatives that supported the reasonable use of deadly force in defense of the officer’s life. The Michael Brown case was such an example. This link will take you to the grand jury testimony in its entirety. I think you will find the evidence compelling that Officer Wilson has been attacked by a very large man who had tried to take his firearm. That is a serious thing. Even so Officer Wilson issued many verbal warnings before resorting to shooting.
    The vast majority of conservatives I know waited for evidence before offering opinions, as opposed to the press and the progressive race baiters. If anything they admonished waiting until the evidence was revealed and support the police in general. The same observation goes for the New York case. The short video used by the press to indict and convict the officers involved did not reveal the context and surrounding events. Even some conservatives fell for the propaganda, and propaganda it was.
    As for Ruby Ridge, Waco, and the Bundy Ranch. I agree, as does my conservative cabal, that all were varying levels of criminal and tyrannical attacks on American citizens. Ruby Ridge is pure murder of innocents and all federal officers involved should be so charged. Waco was an example of an ineffective ATF fearing for its funding, and looking for some positive press to show how important their nefarious work is. It was also the murder of innocents, as well as crappy police work, amateurish tactics, fabricating evidence, lying under oath and a host of other crimes. They had no warrant, which was the clear proof to me of federal arrogance. This site summarized nicely my perceptions based on the court testimony.
    In the instances you cite Deborah, the press was actively supporting the government version of things, being directly influenced and in some cases intimidated to do so. It was also a liberal Democrat administration and the vast majority of the mainstream press are fellow travelers. When the citizen’s perceptions are being managed by a disinformation campaign it is very difficult to know what to believe. It takes a great deal of work to dig to the truth.
    As for your accusation against conservatives I wonder why you seem so full of vitriol. Here are some very thoughtful discussions from conservatives on the issues you demean them for not having. I think we can agree that the National Review is a well thought out venue.
    This one is particularly supportive of the truth about Waco on which you and I agree:
    Deborah, there are vast differences between federal and state law enforcement. There are vast differences between state and local (county sheriff and town) law enforcement. We are blessed with a system that allows local elected law enforcement, as much as the feds would like to control everything.
    Conservatives are appalled and dismayed by the police assassination as we predicted they would happen when the likes of Sharpton, Holder and Obama play the race card in everything. They have walked us back 50 years for their political gain.
    I think in some ways we are having a heated agreement on many issues, but you are profoundly wrong about your accusations about conservatives on these issues. We are the only voices crying for freedom and constitutional discipline. Do we have quislings and fools in our camp? Absolutely, but whose side are you on? The one that fights for liberty or the one that demeans all of us with falsehood?

  • Deborah says:

    Who said anything about Michael Brown or race?

    I was talking about 3 totally different incidents where police killed unarmed, unresisting citizens. Why would you conflate those events with Fergusen? Is there some connection I’m missing?

    Please help me understand: an unloaded BB gun or a toy gun, or an unarmed guy selling cigarettes is a “threat” to armed officers? But armed people firing on law enforcement from inside a bunker are not?

    Ruby Ridge, Waco and Cliven Bundy all involved armed, resisting citizens. Duly appointed law enforcement claimed probable cause, just like they did with Crawford, Rice and Garner, who were unarmed and in 2 cases exercising their Constitutional right to mind their own business when they were shot with no warning or opportunity to resist arrest.

    Once again, please explain the magic quality that differentiates armed and resisting Ruby Ridge, Waco and Bundy Ranch “innocents” from unarmed, unresisting Crawford, Rice and Garner.

    Ohio’s an open carry state so not sure why police even responded to the Crawford and Rice calls. Is it the open carry part you’re objecting to? Because I believe that’s covered by the 2d Amendment (at least that’s what Bundy ranch supporters who were actually caught on camera “waving guns around” were operating under).

    Just trying to understand which Americans the conservative definition of “freedom” applies to.

  • Hagrid says:


    Apparently your are incapable of critical analysis. After all my effort to have an adult conversation with you, you miss the point like a child. Goody bye, you have nothing to contribute to this conversation. Perhaps a little less booze would help.

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