Details scanty on Escambia deputy double billing

Details scanty on Escambia deputy double billing


By Deborah Nelson

June 24, 2015



The Escambia Sheriff’s Office has confirmed that an Escambia Deputy resigned after an investigation uncovered double billing for services.

Details are scanty, however, and the Sheriff’s Office is not providing any more information.

“We are aware an incident of this nature occurred. It was thoroughly investigated and, as a result of the findings, the deputy, Doug Eddins, resigned. The State Attorney’s Office is in the process of prosecuting the case. Therefore, we will refer any further questions and requests to them,” Sheriff’s Office PIO Sena Maddison told Panhandle Politico in an email.

The Sheriff’s Office would not comment on potential dollar amounts; how that agency found out about the incident or incidents; and what official actions were taken in response.

It’s not clear if other personnel were involved or how long the activity was going on.

The State Attorney’s Office did not respond to a request for more information on the following questions:


*Is/was there an investigation underway for the described double billing issue?

*If so, who’s involved and what are the potential dollar amounts?

*Is/was more than one deputy being investigated?

*How did the State Attorney’s Office find out about it?

*Was SRIA involved and if so what kind of services do the deputies perform for that agency?


Panhandle Politico sources say the incident involved the Santa Rosa Island Authority, but SRIA Executive Director Buck Lee declined to comment one way or the other.

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