Fracking in Jay?

Fracking in Jay?


From staff reports

May 26, 2015

photo:  Florida DEP


Could fracking come to Jay?

A meeting tonight at Milton’s Imogene Theater includes a free film and discussion on the potential local impact of fracking.

“This legislative session there were bills to make fracking a regulated practice in Florida, but they were not protective of us, they were written by the oil companies to be protective of them,” Clean Water Network of Florida Director Linda Young noted in a letter on the subject.

“Sadly, the legislators representing Santa Rosa County are not only supporting these bills but are aggressively pushing them on behalf of the oil companies. We need to educate the voters and all residents of our county about the issue and let people make informed decisions about whether this is a good idea for our county.”

The Florida Clean Water Network, League of Women Voters, Earth Ethics and others are sponsoring tonight’s meeting.

“People have a right to know when our water supplies are being threatened and our elected officials need to know what their constituents think about this,” Young noted.

The meeting includes a documentary film. Craig Stevens, featured in the film, will be on hand for the discussion. Stevens has firsthand experience with fracking near his Pennsylvania home.

WHEN: Tuesday, May 26th beginning at 5:30 p.m.

WHERE: Imogene Theater ~ 6866 Caroline Street ~ Milton, Florida

WHY: Findings on Fracking…your state & nation…how does it affect health, wealth, property and infrastructure of communities?

WHO: Earth Ethics, Florida Clean Water Network, League of Women Voters for the Pensacola Bay Area, Don’t Frack Florida, and 350 Pensacola.

Tickets are free. Register at the link below.

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