Underhill dismantling Valentino-led progress


VIDEO:  Doug Underhill supporters turn out to show approval for recent District 2 economic development proposals (artist conception)

by Randy Cudd


Commissioner Doug Underhill is wreaking havoc on Escambia County’s economic engines.

In particular, he has pulled all of the progressive projects from the West Side.

He has forced the Perdido Key Chamber to separate from the Visitors Center and turned the VC over to Pensacola Visitor Center. This move is designed to cause the Perdido Key Area Chamber to collapse due to lack of funding.

Please understand: Underhill is dismantling his opposition and the current Chamber Board has let him do it.

This brilliant individual even wants to spend taxpayer money to remove the helipad above the Visitors Center on Perdido Key. A $3.00 sign that says “Closed” would be a lot cheaper; but Mr. Underhill is doing EVERYTHING in his power to de-Valentino the area.

Mr. Underhill is an arrogant narcissist if I have ever met one. He IS NOT doing the peoples’ work, he is doing whatever he wants.

And while I’m on this subject, let me add that the entire County Commission has slipped into a mentality that is self-serving and does not represent voters.

They will always vote for whatever the district commissioner wants so as to make sure that they will get what THEY want, regardless of whether it’s good for the community.

They no longer represent the people, they only represent themselves.

Underhill fits in quite well…….

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