VIEWPOINT: Election process dysfunction behind Trump success


by Gene Valentino


As a loyal American citizen, I’m brought to tears by the recent ‘new low’ this campaign/election season has taken. It’s not limited to the Presidential campaign.

This ‘new low’ has been pervasive nationwide at the federal, state and local levels for some time.

This is not an endorsement of Donald Trump, although I will support Mr. Trump, warts and all…because he’s NOT part of the “Establishment” that has caused our election process to degenerate.

After 8 years as an elected County Commissioner; and arguably, part of the “Establishment;” I have witnessed firsthand the bad behavior that pervades our campaign/election processes.

In the link below, Judge Jeanine should be applauded for the best commentary on that issue yet. Her on-target criticism of Mitt Romney crystalizes the dysfunction in our campaign/election system.

I’m ashamed of the system, not in Donald Trump. Trump is a political ‘rookie’ and that’s a compliment. No one can argue that this is part of his ‘charm’ and why he’s winning. Regrettably, he has fallen prey to the savvy media.

Attempts to marginalize him have failed. The public sees it too! Trump, win or lose, is bound to cause material reform to our charade of a campaign/election system at all levels in this Nation.

Judge Jeanine: Mitt Romney awoke a sleeping giant


Editor’s Note:  Gene Valentino was the District 2 Escambia County Commissioner from 2006-2014.  


  • Randy Cudd says:

    This a 180 degree contrast to Mr. Underhill, who has sworn never to support Trump. But then there is a large contrast in every aspect of word, between you too. Your support for a better self-sustaining community on the far s/west part of the county, you support for safer roads, particularly Hyw 292/Perdido Key Drive/Sorrento Road, your concerns for Public Safety and your presents in the chair, doing the peoples work. The two of you are in total diametric opposition, there-for it is not surprising that you are Pro-Trump and he is Never-Trump.
    I will add here that the recent deaths and injuries occurring on Hwy 292 are an atestment to your future thinking and an equal atestment to Underhill’s narrow self serving thoughts.

  • Jimmy Sherouse says:

    Outstanding words Randy, you have hit the nail square on the head.

  • Sue says:

    What happened to electing a person that can do the job. That has shown interest in the political process other than financial contributions.
    What happened to voting for someone who has dedicated their career to Public service.
    The establishment and our system has failed because a few have decided to obstruct the process for political gain with no regard for what was really in the best interest of the people that put them in office.
    Not being part of the establishment is just not a reason to vote for a person.
    Too much is at stake to elect a novice. At least they should have a working knowledge of how government works, who are our allies and the difference between a city and a country.

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